Tilt to Live HD: 99¢ Weekend! Really.


Now through Sunday. I had a nice post written about this with some very clever jokes, but it was mysteriously erased. I swear to god, this sale is cursed.

New Outwitters team post will be ready Wednesday.

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What Do Tilt to Live HD & My Mug Have in Common?


Update: Tilt to Live HD’s IAP appears to be working again as of last night. Still no word on whether Apple will fix my mug.

As anyone who recently tried to buy TtL HD’s full version already knows, that In-App Purchase is still broken. We’re working with Apple to get it sorted out, and hope to have it back in order soon. Unfortunately, it’s out of our hands.

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Making May-Ham


[1:50:21 PM] Alex Okafor: that ham looks so juicy
[1:50:32 PM] Adam Stewart: i stole that pic off some site
[1:50:35 PM] Adam Stewart: should i buy stock art?
[1:50:49 PM] Adam Stewart: we’re using it in an ad, so technically yes
[1:52:34 PM] Alex Okafor: one sec
[1:52:37 PM] Alex Okafor: i might have some licensed stock photos
[1:52:49 PM] Adam Stewart: …of ham?
[1:52:59 PM] Alex Okafor: what can i say?
[1:53:27 PM] Alex Okafor: ya i do

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Tilt to Live HD: 99¢ Weekend (or Not)


NOTE: We’ve run into issues with changing the price of our HD full version. Some people have reported they aren’t able to upgrade at the moment due to an error coming up saying the item “is currently being modified”. This little technical problem has kinda lasted through the entire sale. Hopefully we can rectify the situation soon, and reschedule this sale for next weekend.

YOU GUYS. It only just occurred to us, but we really love May. We love May so much that we’re dropping the price on Tilt to Live HD‘s Full Version all weekend!

It’s the WEEKEND MAY-HAM sale

In honor of May, the fifth and most excellent month of the Gregorian calendar, Tilt to Live HD’s Full Version is dropping from $4.99 to just 99¢ for a limited time! That’s every gametype we’ve ever conceived, including Viva la Turret & Viva la Coop, for only two 9’s and a cents! But act fast, because after Sunday I feel like we’ll be less excited about May.

What better month is there to enjoy a ham? If you said “Christmas”, that’s not a month.

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Tilt to Live Store Arrives


Maybe it’s just because we made the game, but Alex and I have been dorking out for a week or so about Tilt to Live merch. We auditioned Cafepress.com as a provider (primarily with Game II in mind), and what we’ve ordered has come back pretty cool. Plus, their return policy is more than reasonable if you don’t like your item.

So at long last, you can express your enthusiasm for Tilt to Live with an Overrun tee (pictured), or a super-high quality poster print. I think my favorites are the Caffeine Blast mug and the Pointillism print, which looks really nice in a frame in my office.

Fifteen lucky winners from the mailing list are getting free posters, so keep an eye out for that email today, and tell us where to send it!

I’ll have some cool stuff to show from Game II next week. Fun fact: we do have a name picked out already, we just can’t start using it until we’re finished tying up the rights. Don’t wanna jinx it.

¡Viva la Coop Gigante!


The Viva la Coop HD update is approved and ready for installation. If you have an iPad and a friend with another iPad, and both of you have Viva la Turret, then this is great news! If you don’t, then I guess it’s just Thursday. Our next project will have fewer requirements, we promise.

Alex and I cooperating

Other fixes:

  • The scoring bug that gave people highscores in the billions has been fixed. There was only one way to restore the honor of the TtL HD leaderboards, and that was a Classic and Code Red leaderboard reboot. So go prove to the world that your old rank wasn’t a fluke!
  • The vortex will no longer suck you out of the Perforator turret in Classic & CR.
  • Some typos in our awards have been fxied.

The Tilt to Live Merch store is just about finished. My shirt got here & the print quality was great, but I screwed up the design and won’t be posting pics until a do-over arrives. This is why we test things. Should be ready to go next week. Also, our next project will be announced April 2nd.

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The Wheels of Progress Go Round & Round


Oh, hey! I didn’t see you come in. Alex and I were just finishing up playtesting Viva la Coop HD. But I’m sure you can see that. Because you are in the room with us in this bit I’m doing. Viva la Big Coop is being submitted for Apple’s approval today, so we’re finally checking “make iPhone and HD the same” off our to-do list.

In Other News

We got iPad 2’s to test with! They are thin. I named mine Padly Paddington, & Alex’s Padrick Paddington III. They’re twins.

In my down time, I’ve been experimenting with merchandise options (namely cafepress) for getting some Tilt to Live t-shirts and stuff made. Why now? I dunno. I want one. I’ve ordered a test shirt & poster to make sure these things are worth the money. They should be here this weekend. If Alex and I approve the quality, I’ll set up a little store for you guys to peruse.

Lastly, we’re going to tell you about our next project around the end of this month. So that’s neat.

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In the Nick of Viva la Time


Viva la Turret HD is now gracing iPads everywhere, since about 7pm Central Time on January 31. TOLD YA it’d be out in January. You can now experience a bullet storm in the wide open spaces of TtL HD. For an overview of what’s changed in the gametype from the iPhone version, click here.

If you have the HD Full Version already, it’s just 99¢ to get the Viva la Turret Expansion IAP. If you don’t, the app’s new Full Version includes everything in HD for $4.99, Viva and all.

Other stuff new to 1.4:

  • When you unpause the game, your cursor’s location will now be highlighted for you before gameplay resumes, to help you regain your bearings.
  • Pickups are no longer obscured by the burnicade’s flame trail.
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Honey, I Blew Up the Turrets


Tilt to Live HD‘s ¡Viva la Turret! expansion has come together at last. It’s a 99¢ In-App Purchase for those who already own the Full Version, just like its little brother was. For demo users, the Full Version IAP will be going up to $4.99 USD, and will now include Viva la Turret right off the bat (to simplify things). At face value the gametype feels pretty similar to the iPhone version, but you’ll notice some important gameplay differences as you’re swiveling for survival.
Viva la Turret HD Screenshot

The walls are farther apart.

Big deal, right? Right! Assuming you were not being sarcastic. You may not realize it, but a lot of dots in the iPhone version die from being smashed against the walls by the Perforator’s shockwave. In HD, depending on your turret’s position, a lot of that smashing isn’t going to happen. What will happen is you’ll push the same dots back again and again, and they’ll start closing in faster and faster.

The jewels are farther apart.

How long does it take you to make a trip around your iPhone screen? Not long, so it’s not unheard of to collect every jewel you create. The HD arena is about 4x the size, so you’ll find it much riskier to be OCD with your jewel collecting. More often than not, you’ll have to learn to let go.

Get to da Perforatah!

Developing Turrets HD, we noticed the extra screen real estate made being outside the turret feel a bit too safe. To spice things up, we’ve added a cruel new wave that only appears when you’re unarmed. It’s guaranteed to make you forget your jewels and run for the nearest weapon.

We’re submitting the update to Apple tonight, so you can expect ¡Viva la Turret! to reach your iPad before the end of the month.

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Tilt to Live Needs Your Help!


2010 Best App Ever Awards

The new year has begun, but we’re still feeling the tug of 2010! Specifically, the 2010 Best App Ever Awards are in full swing, and Tilt to Live has been nominated in several categories. We need your votes to win! You can place your vote anytime before January 25, 2010. The winners in each category will be announced at the 2011 Macworld Expo! So go vote, tell your friends to vote, tweet it, and post on Facebook! Here are the categories for which Tilt to Live has been nominated. Just follow the links to vote:

Best Game Controls (Tilt to Live)

Best Game Controls (Tilt to Live HD)

Best Casual Game

Best Action Game

To have gotten so many nominations is really unexpected. Let’s see if the Tilt to Live community can make their voices heard! If we don’t win, that’s okay. We’ll still make games for you.

OpenFeint Fire Sale

In case your voting finger is still itching, Tilt to Live is also up for a Fire Sale promotion on OpenFeint’s Game Channel. I don’t have a witty reference to Die Hard at the moment, so I’ll leave that to the professionals. Tired of your friend complaining that Tilt to Live costs $2.99? (Because you already have it, right?) Here’s your chance to do something about it. If we have at least 2,000 votes by tomorrow, Tilt to Live will go on sale for the weekend for 99¢. The power, is YOURS! *Fades to black*