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Tilt to Live Lives!


vivalacoopI remember the crushing disappointment when I learned that Tilt to Live’s cooperative mode only worked with blue tooth connections. I have only ever had white teeth.

But lo! Through the magic of Game Center, Viva la Coop now features online matchmaking in new updates for both Tilt to Live iPhone and Tilt to Live HD! Just don’t try to play HD with your iPhone buddy; they’re different games. You can match to random strangers, or invite a Game Center buddy to help out. Bullet points!

  • Viva la Coop can now be played online via Game Center!
  • Big fat iPhone 5 display support! See parts of the background you have only dreamed about.
  • No mic support, so your friends won’t hear you yelling at them.
  • Replaced a few images that have been blurry for like 2 years.

All Over the Place


Alex is jumping between Tilt to Live’s iPhone 5 support, an update to ¡Viva la Coop!, and Outwitters’ Seasons support (which has already been submitted). His goal is to get all of this done before the App Store holiday deadline. What’s all that got to do with me? Not a whole lot. I’m exploring new styles and experimenting with new techniques. It’s been a lovely week.

Tilt to Live went free this past week, and may still be free in an App Store near you. We were featured under Impossible Games and decided to get experimental with the price.

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Getting Over the Hump


I’ll start this off by plugging our Labor Day sale for Tilt to Live. Now through Labor Day you can get Tilt to Live iPhone for just 99¢, or Tilt to Live HD‘s Full Version for $1.99! That’s what we in the business call a bargain. Tell your friends, please?

Meanwhile, in Outwitters…

The patch update has, at long last, been submitted to Apple. Shouldn’t bee more than a week before it reaches your device. More importantly, Alex will finally be moved in to his new house around the middle of next week. That means I’ll have a partner again, and we can accomplish tasks. As those of you that follow this blog may know, a completed patch update means we get to shift attention to a new team and new maps. We’ll be telling you more about that as it comes together.

Get the Tilt to Live Soundtrack for 99¢!


We made a decision this week that the Outwitters soundtrack would release with one of those “pay what you want” deals, starting at 99¢. Then we made another decision that the Tilt to Live Soundtrack should match that… and now it does. So if the $1.99 price tag was preventing YOU from owning this-two-year old slice of Americana, I’d like to offer my sympathies, then inform you that you can grab that sucker half off if you act now! Or later! It will probably be this price forever!

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They Grow Up So Fast


Seems like just yesterday Whitaker Blackall was composing our very first piece of custom game music, Tilt to Live‘s Code Red theme. But that was long ago, when he was still called Whitaker Blackall.

The now hitched and renamed Whitaker Trebella  joined the proud fraternity of iPhone developers today with his first App Store release, Polymer (99¢). It’s a slidey connecty puzzle piece game, best demonstrated by this trailer:

We’ve all been blown away by how far and how fast Whit’s development career has matured (though it helps that he has no shortage of enthusiasm). We wish him the best of luck with this game, and encourage you guys to throw him a buck and check it out!

TtL goes free!! Ten times then stops.


I think these are for Tilt to Live on the iPhone. Can someone check for me?


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The Almost Not Quite the Best Tilt to Live Player on Earth*


“The top 5 got their choice of prizes. I came 6th. Fml.”
- Jo5hman, the Almost Not Quite the Best Tilt to Live Player on Earth*

Ladies & gentlemen, it has just come to our attention that we’ve left one of our winners unrecognized! We awarded prizes to the Best Tilt to Live Player on Earth* and Not Quite the Best Tilt to Live Players on Earth*, but in some wild lapse of judgment we failed to recognize the Almost Not Quite the Best Tilt to Live Player on Earth*. Congratulations, Jo5hman, for this impressive feat! You win a blog post in our Hall of Champions, commemorating your impressive title. You were mighty close to almost the top, and we salute you. Prize over.

In other news, I’m pleased to report that Becca’s faith in humanity remains intact! Jo5hman, you owe her a thank you for this post. In fact, if you don’t thank her WE’LL LOSE OUR FAITH IN HUMANITY. How do you like them apples?

The Best Tilt to Live Player on Earth*


And on this, the 27th day of August in the year of our Lord, 2011, a champion arose from the rabble of common men*. A hero forged from concentrated greatness*, his perfect* tilting wrists chiseled of some unbreakable mineral not heretofore cataloged by science. Wielding the maddest skills on the face of planet Earth*, he accepted our Game Center friend request and rode into iOS history. Let us never forget his name:

with 212,875,900
The Best Tilt to Live Player on Earth*

But what is a winner without 86 losers (68 of whom actually tried today)? Let’s not forget our runners up!

Not Quite the Best Tilt to Live Players on Earth*:
2nd: xBoReDoM
3rd: Fleshman92
4th: PresidentPistachio
5th: 2bol
Click here to see how you ranked among the 69.

We’ll be emailing the winners next week to collect shipping addresses and whatnot for your prizes. HUGE thanks to everyone who entered and competed, we had a lot of fun putting this together, and we hope you had fun playing.

*According to a small, but totally official sampling taken by One Man Left Studios on August 27th, 2011.

Tournament Progress Report


Here’s our current top 15 scores (includes some from yesterday that may be dropping off). As a side note: it seems to us that these scores take a while to propagate to other devices. So just because your new highscore shows up instantly on yours, doesn’t mean it has made it to mine. Try not to cut it too close to 10PM Eastern, or your score might not make it in!

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