Gauntlet’s Revenge is FREE on Android


Gauntlet's Revenge AndroidSo, real talk, Gauntlet’s Revenge has been under-performing on Android as a paid app. By a whole lot. In light of this, in the spirit of making lemonade from our lemons, Gauntlet’s Revenge just went free with ads on Android! Now there’s nothing standing between you and your shot at the Dot King.

A “remove ads” IAP is included so you can play the game as it was originally intended. We are unbelievably sorry to the few players who did purchase the app. There’s just no way for us to exclude you from a change like this, and we totally understand if you’d like a refund on your purchase. Send your request through this form along with your Google Play order number and we’ll get it issued as soon as possible. We wouldn’t consider a drastic move like this unless it absolutely had to be done.

There are no plans to make changes to the iOS version of the game at this time.

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Gauntlet’s Revenge Update for Android


Gauntlet's Revenge AndroidWe’ve released an update recently giving our latest game, Gauntlet’s Revenge, a little extra Android love. Thanks to those who have supported us this year!

New Features:

  • Snazzy new icon.
  • Native resolution support and custom UI for 4:3 Android tablets
  • Added sharing option for scores with G+, Hangouts, Twitter, etc. on game over screen.
  • Fixed graphics display to reduce banding (crisper graphics)
  • Android back button now works as expected and consistently throughout the game.
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Boom Boom Bargain


Happy HolidaysWe’ve squeezed in an iOS price drop before the App Store’s annual holiday lockdown. The Tilt to Live Tilty-Tilt Boom Boom Bundle will be available throughout the holiday season for just $3.99 USD (normally $5.99). So for a buck more than it costs for one Tilt to Live, you can grab all three! Would make a handsome gift for anyone unwrapping a new iDevice in the near future. Wink.

Alex is still locked away in his laboratory working on the Outwitters Android port (which is being discussed in more detail over here). That project doesn’t require any new artwork, so I’m left to my own devices for a while longer. To date, I have 7 different turn-based multiplayer games working as paper prototypes in Adobe Illustrator. Alex shifts his focus to prototyping in January, so we’re on track to have a good, large pool of projects to choose from.

I just realized that by the time we shift into production for Game 5, I’ll have been paper prototyping and marketing for more than 3 months. I have not opened Unity since early October. Hopefully I’ll remember how to do my job…

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We’re Thankful for Our Fans


Tilty-Tilt Boom Boom Bundle
Happy Thanksgiving, Americans! May your turkeys be moist, and your stuffings be seasoned correctly. As we mentioned last week, today is release day for the Tilty-Tilt Boom Boom Bundle on the App Store. Remember, you have to buy before the end of November to get the full 44% off Tilt to Live, Tilt to Live 2:Redonkulous, and Tilt to Live: Gauntlet’s Revenge! Next month the savings will be reduced to 33% off (still not half bad). And if you already own one of those games, the bundle will actually discount itself by the price you’ve already paid so you can complete the collection.

Tilting your mobile device is the perfect exercise to burn off some of those extra calories you’re consuming today. That’s just science.

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Save a Bundle


Tilty-Tilt Boom Boom BundleWith Tilt to Live: Gauntlet’s Revenge released, we now have 3 games in the series. A nice round number. It just feels right to put those three Tilt to Live games together in a bundle, and it feels even more right to call that bundle the Tilt to Live Tilty-Tilt Boom Boom Bundle, coming Thanksgiving Day to the App Store.

November 27th, you can be thankful for accelerometer-powered weaponry, the retry button, and 33% off when you buy Tilt to Live, Tilt to Live 2: Redonkulous, and Tilt to Live: Gauntlet’s Revenge in an App Store bundle! If you already own one of those games, the price you paid will automatically be discounted from the bundle price so you can complete your collection. As an added bonus, because the pilgrims told us to, we’re dropping the price even further to 44% off if you buy before the end of November.

Unfortunately, the whole bundling thing doesn’t provide a way for us to include our DLC gametypes or Tilt to Live HD’s Full Version IAP. But you will still get a heck of a lot of savings compared to buying the games individually!

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Gauntlet’s Revenge Arrives on Android


I’m hearing a growing crescendo of curse words in the distance, which can mean only one thing. Tilt to Live: Gauntlet’s Revenge must have just arrived on Google Play. Welcome to the fold, Android users! You can find a spoiler-free mini strategy guide here to get you started. Good luck dodging your way to the Dot Bot Fortress.

Did you know you can stream the soundtracks for all of our games on our bandcamp page? And if you’d like to add the Gauntlet’s Revenge soundtrack to your music collection, go here and redeem one of the codes below for a free copy.  It’s our way of saying thanks for keeping up with us on the blog!

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Progress Re-Port


Gauntlet's Revenge AndroidGauntlet’s Android Revenge is moving along really smoothly. So far, the largest stumbling block has been a 30 character limit for app titles in Google Play. TtL:GR has 32 (when I bother to type it all out), leading to creative solutions like Tilt to Liv Gauntlet’s Revenge, Tilt 2 Live: Gauntlet’s Revenj, and about 30 other totally butchered versions of the name. We finally settled on “Tilt 2 Live Gauntlet’s Revenge”, and moved on with the actual business of porting the game.

We’re shooting for a November 17th release date, and will be pricing the game the same as its iOS brother: $2.99 USD.

In other news, surprise! We’re making it rain App Store promo codes. Get your Gauntlet’s Revenge on while these last:

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Android, You’re Next


Gauntlet's Revenge - Coming Soon to Android!

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Game 4, Gauntlet’s Revenge, is finally complete; another proud entry in One Man Left’s hall-o’-games. A hearty thank you to everyone that deemed it worthy of a download! We wish you the very best of luck in your campaign against the dot bots. Above is a YouTube playthrough we found for Lockdown on normal, and he finishes with only one man left! We’d love to see videos like this for hard mode, if any of you have the skill (here’s how).

There’s no denying the game is tough. We aimed to give you a real challenge to conquer, not just busy work. With practice, focus, and strategy these courses are doable, and telling your friends “I beat the Dot King” will really carry some weight. So far, only 29 human beings on planet Earth can make that claim!

And speaking of Gauntlet’s Revenge, would you help us find a good home for these App Store promo codes?

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Gauntlet’s Revenge Mini Strategy Guide


Tilt to Live: Gauntlet’s Revenge has arrived! It’s a collection of brutal tilt obstacle courses, culminating in a final battle with the Dot King. The new dot bots can be pretty ruthless, so we’ve assembled a few tips to help you find your way.

Which difficulty?

If you’d like to finish every level and beat the Dot King, Normal mode is the way to go. If you’re really struggling, Easy gives you twice the health and removes the hardest obstacles from the three main tracks. It’s worth noting that the final boss gauntlet has the same tough obstacles no matter what, so your difficulty there will just determine the size of your life bar.

Hard mode is intended for highscore hounds looking to compete on the leaderboards. When it’s that easy to die, every piece of pointonium counts. If you can actually finish the game on hard, you’re ridiculous (and we totally want to watch your YouTube videos).

Reaching the Dot Bot Fortress

If you want a shot at taking down the Dot King, you’ll need to earn 9 medals in the three main gauntlets. But here’s a shortcut: the harder your difficulty, the more your medals are worth. Unlocking a Finish medal on hard also unlocks it for easy and normal, so that one medal really earns you three. Playing on Easy, you’ll need every medal from every gauntlet to reach the Dot Bot Fortress. Normal medals count for two, and hard medals count for three.

General Tips

  • Remain calm. If you flip out and over-tilt, you’re going to get a face full of spike wall. Subtle, deliberate tilting goes a long way.
  • If you’re having a hard time maintaining control, try a different tilt sensitivity. You can change this mid-game in the pause menu, at the top right.
  • If you’re just trying to reach the finish line, ignore the pointonium. We know it’s shiny, but it makes you take risks that you normally wouldn’t.
  • Sometimes blowing up an enemy will make your life a little easier. Other times it isn’t worth the risk. Choose your battles wisely.
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