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Space Food Truck is a whopping 60% off on Steam through Tuesday, November 28! That’s just $3.99 for our 1-4 player cooperative card adventure, and a four pack for your entire crew is only 12 bucks on the Humble Store! “Deck building and friendship ruiner all in one.”

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Steam Summer Sale Is On


Space Food Truck, our 1-4 player co-op adventure card game is on sale starting today! If you still haven’t picked up a copy, or were looking for an excuse to pick up a copy for a friend there’s been no better time. At $7.99 this is the lowest price it has ever been on Steam and Humble! The sale runs through July 5th, and if you’re into getting 4-packs, you can now get the 4-pack for just $20.99 as well.

For the folks that like gaming on the go, we’re also running a sale on iOS and Android where you can pick up a copy for $2.99 through July 5th!

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Space Food Truck’s Price Drop


Haven’t had a chance to check out our culinary card adventure, Space Food Truck? Got some cost-conscious holdouts among your crew? Fret not, because from today forward we’re dropping the game’s price in half permanently on all platforms. That’s $9.99 for the Steam version or just $4.99 on iOS and Android tablets.

Build your deck as you scour an unforgiving galaxy in search of exotic ingredients with 1-4 players, taking on the unique roles of Captain, Engineer, Chef, or Scientist. Each role has a totally different focus, and you’ll all have to pull your weight to complete your signature dishes and reach the final planet in one piece.

Here’s our quick tutorial series if you’re curious to learn more:

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Space Saver


Our 1-4 player co-op card adventure Space Food Truck is just a hair over 1 year old today, and we’re celebrating with a 60% discount all this week on every version of the game! That’s our $19.99 game marked down to just $7.99!

The discount starts today at 10am PST through April 17th at the same time on PC or iOS and Android tablets. You can even pick up a four pack of PC keys for your entire crew for just $23.99! Good space cuisine just doesn’t get more affordable than this, you guys. You can even get a taste for how the game works with our quick tutorial series right here.

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Space Food Truck: Leftovers



Click for a better view.

We’ve decided it’s time to move on from Space Food Truck content production, but I did have a solid head start on the artwork for what would have been our first expansion: the Resupply Remix. Basically all of the items would be removed from the game and replaced by totally new ones with different abilities. Sadly, these guys never made it to the beta testing phase.

We also had some neat ideas for new character skins. that would not only change the way your Captain looks, they’d also change all of her class cards in the lab to new ones. So between that and the resupply remix, you could play SFT all sorts of different ways.

But alas, in the way that most of our games go, we never have time to add everything we want. We’re already off on our next adventure, Hex Gambit!

Humble Winter Sale


Happy Humble Winter Sale everybody! Our co-op card adventure Space Food Truck is half off until January 26th, EXCLUSIVELY on the Humble Store. And so are a ton of other great games!

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OML Holiday Sale


Happy Holidays from One Man Left! In accordance with our American values, we’ve got stuff on sale!

Our latest game, Space Food Truck, is a whopping half off its normal value pretty much anywhere you can find it, INCLUDING (for the first time ever) the tablet versions for Android and iOS! You’ll find savings for the desktop version via Steam and our official site.

Then we thought, since we’re hard at work on the spiritual successor to Outwitters, why not include it in this year’s sale? Download Outwitters for free on iOS and Android, and for a limited time everything in the store is just 99 cents!

Enjoy these savings right through the New Year! Our prices go back to normal January 2nd.

Space Food Truck’s on Sale!


It’s that special time of year where everything in America is on sale, and the Steam version of Space Food Truck is no exception! Get a single key or a 4-pack (already 4 keys for the price of 3) for 50% off, now through November 29!

You can grab these prices on Steam as a part of their big Autumn Sale and through our official site. And in case you hadn’t heard, Space Food Truck is also now available on iOS and Android tablets for just $9.99.

Happy Turkey Day! Check back Friday for your weekly peek at Game 6.

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Space Food Truck Update



We’ve just rolled out an update to Space Food Truck for all our platforms addressing some of the performance issues we’ve been hearing about. Here’s the list of tweaks for 1.2.285.


  • Fixed memory consumption issue on inventory screen. Should fix the crashes many are reporting on mobile as well as result in notable performance improvement on lower end machines and devices.
  • iOS-only: reduced OS requirement to iOS 8.0.
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Space Food Truck is out today for tablets!


iOSDL Android

Our cooperative card adventure Space Food Truck arrives on iOS and Android tablets today! Now you can scour the galaxy for exotic ingredients on the go, asynchronously, or pass your device around the room. The game even has cross platform support, so any iOS, Android, or PC user can join your crew if you meet up in the same lobby.

With the smaller screen comes a smaller price of just $9.99.

PC Version is 50% Off!

And for a limited time at, we’re matching that tablet price for the PC version to celebrate the launch! The 50% discount also extends to our 4-pack, which already saves you 25%. We heard you liked discounts, so we put discounts on our discount.

No matter what platform you’re on, it’s a great day to grab Space Food Truck.

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