One Who What?

One Man Left Studios is an American game design duo working remotely between Montgomery, AL, and Kennesaw, GA. Alex Okafor is the developer, Adam Stewart handles artwork and animation, & the two collaborate on game design decisions. They’re responsible for some games you might have played.

Adam & Alex first met in an Alabama elementary school, and later attended the same high school. Adam admired Alex’s sketches of cat people, and his ability to use Photoshop to color the cat people. Thusly did Alex Okafor set Adam on his career path. After Alex discovered programming and forgot how to draw, he and Adam made a few simple Flash games for fun. Then a few X Box things. And a PC one.

It was after Alex graduated college at Georgia Tech that he approached Adam, a film school dropout & freelance artist, with his prototype for a tilt-based arcade game called Tilter Space. Adam committed to helping Alex finish this game, which would eventually become their first commercial release, Tilt to Live for the iOS. One Man Left was born. The success of this first title allowed the pair to quit their respective day jobs and focus on games full time. Adam would eventually find himself writing a short biography of the company, entirely in the third person.

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Tilt to Live 2

  • Among’s Top 10 Paid iPhone Apps Of 2013
  • Among’s Best iPhone and iPad Games of 2013
  •’s 2013 Action Game of the Year
  • Featured in the App Store’s Best New Games list
  • Among AppleNApps’s Top 25 Games of 2013
  • #5 in Android Quality Index’s Top 10 list for March ’14

  • Featured on Best App Daily
  • Featured in the App Store’s Best of 2012
  • App Store Editor’s Choice; July 5, 2012
  • 2012 Best App Ever Award Winner (Second Place, Best Multiplayer Game)
  •’s #2 Mobile Simulation or Strategy Game of 2012
  • One of’s Best Strategy & Defense Games of 2012
Tilt to Live

  • – 2010 Game of the Year
  • – A 2010 Staff Favorite
  • 2010 Best App Ever Award Winner
 (Second Place, Best Controls)
  •’s Skill Game of the Week