So Alex is happy at his new full time gig, and he lets me pick his brain every so often. In one such brain-picking session, I asked him whether it was feasible to make an entire game in Unreal’s visual scripting system, Blueprints. He said yes, then he probably qualified it with some important information, but my mind started wandering at yes.

Could I, with 9 years of game design and game art experience, but VERY little coding experience really ship a whole game all by my damn self? And even if I’m capable of it, do I actually have the determination and savings to finish what I’m starting? I think so?

I’ve been learning Blueprint full time with YouTube and books since November, and started working on a game in December. I’m accepting contract work where it pops up, but I work better when I’m focused, so I’m not really “hunting” very hard for it (here’s my portfolio if you’re interested).

I don’t really know where this will end, but I’m hoping to at least become a lot smarter, or at best be able to continue making games full time.

So What’s the Game?

It’s a dual-stick action RPG, a bit heavier on the action side than the RPG side, from one of the makers of Tilt to Live.

Tonally, I want the writing to be something along the lines of Adventure Time or Undertale, goofy at times, but not hollow. I wrote a whole scenario for it, decided that would take too long to make, so I came up with a shorter “Prologue” to start with. I’ve got a general timeline roughed out, and I’m trying to keep the art style impressionistic, so I can make more assets with the limited time I have.

Rather than crowdfunding and all the promises and pressure that entails, this’ll be a finished, low-price, 2-ish hour single player game that you can buy and play and enjoy. And if enough people buy it, maybe I can build the larger, original scenario.

So far I’ve got three bad guys and a hero, I’ve got controller support working, and I’ve got multiple difficulties with interesting differences in enemy speeds/attacks. Let’s see what happens.

Support This Insane Endeavor

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Rechargeable Captain Update


Some fixes for Hex Gambit‘s multiplayer are coming online today before we dive full time into single player. It’ll be a few weeks before our attention returns to the multiplayer side of things, but we’ll have some neat bots to fight when we reach the other side!

The biggest change launching today: our cheaper Captain Ultimates will now recharge for a second use! We’ve also tweaked some costs to balance for this change. As far as the current Captain roster is concerned, this is good news for Bjorgolf and Penny Miser but bad news for Lolli, whose bonus cost went up.

So ults that cost 4VP or less can now be triggered multiple times if your opponent lands on certain scores. But savvy opponents can block those extra uses if they avoid ending their turns with certain VP amounts. It won’t turn the metagame on its head, but it provides some flexibility for future Captain additions and gives us a neat tool for the single player mode.

Here’s a full rundown of what’s new today:

  • Captain Ultimates are now rechargeable, and we’ve taken a pass on some of their VP costs. More on that above.
  • Added some audio for the Pacifist
  • Tweaked some audio for the Sniper
  • Captain voice-overs have been adjusted to be less chatty when a lot of VP is earned.
  • Fixed replay functionality for the Pacify special
  • The Pacifist’s Donate move had an issue on the server side, but now works as expected.
  • Fixed a bug with Pillars having shields
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