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You may have noticed we’ve been pretty quiet here and on social media lately, and that’s because we’re concentrating. But that shouldn’t get in the way of our usual progress reports, so here’s what we’ve been up to!

Alex is squashing bugs and getting the framework up and running for Space Food Truck‘s asynchronous update, which will help users find an online match more easily and will probably take a while. And since I have a bit more time on my hands than I know what to do with, I’m taking the opportunity to bone up on my 3D art skills. You might remember back in Tilt to Live 2 we had the 3D arrow and the 3D brimstone weapon… and that was about it. I’d learned a ton about rigging and animation and stuff, but forgot most of it for never having used it. This time I’m aiming to stick with it, so we can make whatever kind of games we want going forward.

Once the async update is ready, we’ve got all kinds of new card content and gametypes we want to do for SFT. So if new content is what you’re waiting for, keep an eye on this blog!

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OML Twitches: Episode 12


Alex and I talk a little about what we did last week and what’s next for Space Food Truck. Then we return to the land of Dragon Sweat for our weekly SFT key giveaway.

You can watch the previous episodes here on our YouTube, or come say hi on Twitch next time we stream, Fridays at 2:30pm ET.

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OML Twitches: Episode 11


Alex and I return to Space Food Truck‘s Dragon Sweat difficulty, which less than 1% of our players have overcome. We are not the 1%… YET.

You can watch the previous episodes here on our YouTube, or come say hi on Twitch next time we stream, Fridays at 2:30pm ET.

Dragon Sweat is Here


Dragon Sweat

Our first content update has just arrived for Space Food Truck, spicing things up with the new Dragon Sweat difficulty. If you played our Dragon Sweat beta over the weekend, you may want to right-click SFT in your games library, click properties, go to the betas tab, and opt out of betas now.

Rather than piling on the damage and calling it a day, Dragon Sweat adds a unique event on the first turn of the game designed to change the way you approach certain decisions. A manufacturer’s recall on your ship’s engine states it will rupture in “just about exactly 90 turns”, and any spacetime fluctuations you encounter on your adventure can reduce that timer. Your entire crew will need to bring their A game if you’re hoping to bring home the new “Dragon Slayer” achievements.

Here’s what else is new today:


  • Crises now deal half damage in Mild Mode
  • New difficulty added: Dragon Sweat
  • Added 2 new achievements for beating Dragon Sweat.


  • 15 new planet names and descriptions added
  • 10 customer reviews were added to the game over screen.
  • Added a saucy new difficulty UI screen.


  • Fixed a bug for save files that would get corrupted when illegal hands would be drawn. They should now be recoverable.
  • Fixed a bug where “Full House” achievement wouldn’t trigger when using power glove.
  • Fixed a bug where players could get around the hand max in various ways causing issues with game stability. In some cases, like fast track, if you’re researching and there’s no room, the card will go to the top of the draw pile instead.

And we aren’t finished with Space Food Truck yet! Stay tuned for news on what’s next, and let us know what you’d like to see in the comments or on our discussion board.

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OML Twitches: Episode 10


In this week’s episode, Alex and I tackle our second revision to the experts-only Dragon Sweat difficulty for Space Food Truck. In our original pass, the Leftover cards were all Vexyls and there was weeping and gnashing of teeth. You can watch the previous episodes here on our YouTube, or come say hi on Twitch next time we stream, Fridays at 2:30pm ET.

Try the Dragon Sweat beta



We’ve got a big SFT update coming later this week with some changes to difficulty, and we need you guys to help us test drive this weekend! All you need to try it out is a copy of Space Food Truck. In your Steam games library, right click Space Food Truck, open the Properties, then go to the Betas tab. Choosing “Thar be Dragons” in the drop down will get you the Dragon Sweat beta. You know you’ve got the right version if your difficulty select is using the slick new hot sauce art.

For players wishing for a greater challenge: we give you Dragon Sweat! This mode is for experts only, so try your best to overcome it and let us know how you did on our discussion board. You’ll be helping us determine if it’s even POSSIBLE to win.

For players wishing we’d cut them some slack, try the new Mild mode. Crises now deal half damage, so the galaxy is a little more forgiving while you’re learning the ropes.

There are lots of ideas floating around the office for expansion packs and new gametypes, so keep an eye on this news feed for the latest.

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OML Twitches: Episode 9


This week on OML Twitches: Alex and Adam get robbed blind by space pirates on turn 1, and are smited by Chelsea the Vexyl. You can watch the previous episodes here on our YouTube, or come say hi on Twitch next time we stream, Fridays at 2:30pm ET.

It’s Getting Hot In Hur


New Gametype Select

After a successfully hectic Twitch Stream this afternoon, Alex and I had a quick meeting about what’s next for Space Food Truck. Based on your feedback, high on our list are some tweaks to Mild mode (making it even friendlier for the newbies) and the addition of a new and unique difficulty called Dragon Sweat. This mode won’t just pile on more damage, we’re actually planning to add a special event card on turn 1 that will change the way you approach certain decisions in the game.

Also hot sauce bottles are finally happening! I’ve been rooting for that for a long time.

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April Fools Cancelled!


We were informed today by President Obama that April Fools will not be observed this year.

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The Full Crew Pack


4 Keys - 35% Off!

We’ve gotten a lot of requests for a Space Food Truck “4 pack” of keys, enough to pass around and fill your whole truck with players. So now on you can grab an exclusive 4 pack for the price of 3. Adding our launch discount on top of that, you’ve got 35% savings if you act fast!

Keep an eye on this blog or sign up for our mailing list to stay current on the Space Food Truck update now in the works.

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