Blast from the Past


We’ve just submitted an update for Tilt to Live HD adding 64-bit compatibility for the upcoming iOS 11 release. This should keep the game working a few more years, until iOS inevitably decides to support quantum-bits. Next up for the 64-bit treatment: Tilt to Live 2!

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Let There Be Trailer


In case you haven’t heard, you can sign up for an email reminder when the game hits the App Store!

Tilt to Live Lives!


vivalacoopI remember the crushing disappointment when I learned that Tilt to Live’s cooperative mode only worked with blue tooth connections. I have only ever had white teeth.

But lo! Through the magic of Game Center, Viva la Coop now features online matchmaking in new updates for both Tilt to Live iPhone and Tilt to Live HD! Just don’t try to play HD with your iPhone buddy; they’re different games. You can match to random strangers, or invite a Game Center buddy to help out. Bullet points!

  • Viva la Coop can now be played online via Game Center!
  • Big fat iPhone 5 display support! See parts of the background you have only dreamed about.
  • No mic support, so your friends won’t hear you yelling at them.
  • Replaced a few images that have been blurry for like 2 years.

Getting Over the Hump


I’ll start this off by plugging our Labor Day sale for Tilt to Live. Now through Labor Day you can get Tilt to Live iPhone for just 99¢, or Tilt to Live HD‘s Full Version for $1.99! That’s what we in the business call a bargain. Tell your friends, please?

Meanwhile, in Outwitters…

The patch update has, at long last, been submitted to Apple. Shouldn’t bee more than a week before it reaches your device. More importantly, Alex will finally be moved in to his new house around the middle of next week. That means I’ll have a partner again, and we can accomplish tasks. As those of you that follow this blog may know, a completed patch update means we get to shift attention to a new team and new maps. We’ll be telling you more about that as it comes together.

They Grow Up So Fast


Seems like just yesterday Whitaker Blackall was composing our very first piece of custom game music, Tilt to Live‘s Code Red theme. But that was long ago, when he was still called Whitaker Blackall.

The now hitched and renamed Whitaker Trebella  joined the proud fraternity of iPhone developers today with his first App Store release, Polymer (99¢). It’s a slidey connecty puzzle piece game, best demonstrated by this trailer:

We’ve all been blown away by how far and how fast Whit’s development career has matured (though it helps that he has no shortage of enthusiasm). We wish him the best of luck with this game, and encourage you guys to throw him a buck and check it out!

A Post About a Lot of Things


You may have noticed that Tilt to Live HD‘s retina update hit the App Store last night. That’s the first thing we’ve sent for approval since, like last March. We vaguely remember this feeling. I think it’s called accomplishment.

Meanwhile, in Outwitters

Retina blowup is going smoother than TtL’s did, even though the game is 10 times bigger or something. We were quasi-prepared for this. Alex is still busy fixing bugs and adding stuff, so I have even more time to address bad art. I’m glad we’ve taken so long. The gameplay is better balanced for it, and my art skills have gotten lots of practice redoing things.

Also, we’re in the process of rolling this guy out, which should come in handy when you’re looking for a 2v2 partner:


Tilt to Live HD Gets the Retina Bump


I don’t know if you guys remember, but we made this game a while back called Tilt to Live HD. Then the iPhone 4’s retina display came along, and we wondered whether we had gotten our app names backward. So with the release of the iPad 3 and its retina display, we decided  it was time to finally justify the HD monicker. We’ve spent the last two weeks or so digging through the most poorly organized art files, the most amateur of code, and at last we’ve submitted the retina update. It’s on it’s way through Apple’s approval process to come live on your iPad 3 soon.

Just look at how much detail we were able to pack into the enemy designs!


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Oh, THAT Scoring Bug


We’ve been seeing some blog comments and emails lately describing a scoring bug in Tilt to Live. The story went that when you beat your highscore, it wouldn’t overwrite the old one on the Gametype Select screen. It’d show up correctly on Game Center, but not in-game. That’s odd, we thought, but Alex wasn’t able to duplicate the event on any of his devices… so we just went back to work on Outwitters.

One day last week, Alex and I had the idea of running a small Tilt to Live Tournament using Game Center. As we were experimenting with different ways to manage it, TA-DA, we encountered the mythical scoring bug! So now available on Tilt to Live Lite & coming very soon to the other versions is a patch for that scoring problem.

Coming soon to this blog (once those updates are live), will be details on our first ever Tilt to Live Tournament. So brush up on iPhone’s Code Red if you got something to prove.


Please Stay Calm. Incoming Tilt to Live Update


Some of you may have heard the news that AGON is shutting down operations at the end of June. If you haven’t, well… AGON is shutting down operations at the end of June. Adam has selected this inspirational video to help ease the transition.

To make sure Tilt to Live doesn’t run into any problems, we’re disabling AGON online connectivity from our game and using Game Center exclusively for global leaderboards and achievements. What does this mean for those that are living under a rock and don’t have internet connectivity on their devices? It shouldn’t mean much since  they can’t update anyway, or read this post for that matter. Your offline highscores will still be stored locally and you’ll be able to see your highest scores on the gametype select screen. When you tap on ‘Awards’ you will also still be able to see which awards you’ve unlocked and which ones are left to pursue.

If you’re worried about losing highscores or achievements, I’d recommend setting up a Game Center account (if you haven’t already) and making sure that Game Center is enabled in Tilt to Live’s options menu. This allows the game to save awards and highscores to Apple’s Game Center servers, so you’ll be able to restore them easily even between re-installs, or across devices.

We’re working on pushing an update out for Tilt to Live first, followed by Tilt to Live HD, and then a Lite update. Should be submitted sometime next week.

Tilt to Live HD: 99¢ Weekend! Really.


Now through Sunday. I had a nice post written about this with some very clever jokes, but it was mysteriously erased. I swear to god, this sale is cursed.

New Outwitters team post will be ready Wednesday.

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