In the Nick of Viva la Time


Viva la Turret HD is now gracing iPads everywhere, since about 7pm Central Time on January 31. TOLD YA it’d be out in January. You can now experience a bullet storm in the wide open spaces of TtL HD. For an overview of what’s changed in the gametype from the iPhone version, click here.

If you have the HD Full Version already, it’s just 99ยข to get the Viva la Turret Expansion IAP. If you don’t, the app’s new Full Version includes everything in HD for $4.99, Viva and all.

Other stuff new to 1.4:

  • When you unpause the game, your cursor’s location will now be highlighted for you before gameplay resumes, to help you regain your bearings.
  • Pickups are no longer obscured by the burnicade’s flame trail.
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16 responses to “In the Nick of Viva la Time”

  1. Jarod says:

    The unpause feature is very nice surprise.

    Another quality update to a quality game.

    I suppose you better get the iPhone multiplayer update in today if you want it out in February. ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Jay says:

    I was wondering if you guys were going to bring some of the nice effects of the power ups from the ipad version to the iPhone version?

  3. im2cre8iv says:

    Why charge those of us who have already paid for the HD version to upgrade when those who haven’t bought yet will pay the same but get more???

  4. im2cre8iv says:

    Oh my mistake. I forgot it was only $3.99 to purchase originally. I saved $0.01! XD

  5. Someone says:

    Let’s listen to Jay!

    P.S. 3rd in the world leaderboard.

  6. Russell says:

    I’m having a problem downloading the new update. When I go to purchase the Viva la Turret in-app purchase, I put in my iTunes password, and then I get a system pop-up that says “Regrant failed. Please purchase the software application first.” Am I doing something wrong? Thanks One Man Left!

  7. lloyd says:


  8. Alex says:

    @Russell Be sure to have downloaded the Tilt to Live HD game from the app store with the same account you are trying to use to buy the in-app purchase.

  9. im2cre8iv says:

    @lloyd how do you do that?

  10. Someone says:

    @im2cre8iv: Once you unlock it, on the Classic/Code Red description, there’s a button that has the Perforator pickup icon and “ON”. Press it to turn it off. It’s only on the iPad… because they didn’t have a beta.

  11. Someone says:

    12 million. First in leaderboard. Happy.

  12. Someone says:

    And now 2 million on Frostbite HD. Again first in the world. Even happier.

  13. Someone says:

    Yay, new header. Is it dangerous to shoot a heart around someone with a turret bigger than you.

  14. Jarod says:

    1.4.1 went live last night.

    Promo code bug fix is the only thing listed with it.

    Any word on getting the leader boards reset? That would be much appreciated.

    • Alex says:

      @Jarod We’ve attempted one solution already but it didn’t pan out so we’re going to be fixing it in an upcoming update that fixes it and a few other issues as well.

  15. Patterner says:

    Hey… LOVE this game. Was playing it tons. Now it crashes everytime I hit New Game once it’s open. Any ideas? Been happening for a few weeks now. Rather not lose my progress either. Thanks, guys!