Tilt to Live Needs Your Help!


2010 Best App Ever Awards

The new year has begun, but we’re still feeling the tug of 2010! Specifically, the 2010 Best App Ever Awards are in full swing, and Tilt to Live has been nominated in several categories. We need your votes to win! You can place your vote anytime before January 25, 2010. The winners in each category will be announced at the 2011 Macworld Expo! So go vote, tell your friends to vote, tweet it, and post on Facebook! Here are the categories for which Tilt to Live has been nominated. Just follow the links to vote:

Best Game Controls (Tilt to Live)

Best Game Controls (Tilt to Live HD)

Best Casual Game

Best Action Game

To have gotten so many nominations is really unexpected. Let’s see if the Tilt to Live community can make their voices heard! If we don’t win, that’s okay. We’ll still make games for you.

OpenFeint Fire Sale

In case your voting finger is still itching, Tilt to Live is also up for a Fire Sale promotion on OpenFeint’s Game Channel. I don’t have a witty reference to Die Hard at the moment, so I’ll leave that to the professionals. Tired of your friend complaining that Tilt to Live costs $2.99? (Because you already have it, right?) Here’s your chance to do something about it. If we have at least 2,000 votes by tomorrow, Tilt to Live will go on sale for the weekend for 99¢. The power, is YOURS! *Fades to black*

8 responses to “Tilt to Live Needs Your Help!”

  1. T-Will says:


  2. Solan says:

    I’m voting for everything exept for the price drop.

  3. Will-B says:

    Alex, Tilt to Live needs to be kept miles away from that crappy OpenFeint.

  4. Chris says:

    Voted x4!

  5. Super Volcano says:

    I agree with Will-B. OpenFient sucks…

  6. Arvin says:

    F-F-F-FIRE SAAAALE!!!!!!!!!

  7. CheezyMintz says:

    Voted for everything except for price drop =p

  8. Acerunner says:

    huh to late ..

    next time use http://hellbuzz.com and they will do all the work 😉