Some Outwitters Wallpaper for your iDevice


There’s also this iPhone-only wallpaper (because I made it too small) featuring all of our characters.

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What Up, Players?


Having survived the update deadline crunch, Alex and I are now happily sweeping up bits of awards and polish that weren’t quite ready in time for Gauntlet’s release. A minor update will hit your device this month. A major update will explode your device next month. So start saving up for a new device.

My gift to you:

My personal iTouch wallpaper. If you put this on your iTouch and set it next to mine, I’ll probably be baffled! If you don’t understand why this wallpaper is great, then you didn’t get a 700 combo. If you can’t get a 700 combo, feel free to use a more accessible wallpaper.

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Tilt to Live Is In Fashion!


On your iDevice that is! It’s been pretty hectic since Tilt to Live’s release. We’ve been super busy working on some stuff we’ll be announcing soon. In the meantime….

Here’s some wallpapers we put together that we figured some of you might enjoy using for whatever devious purposes you can conjure up. We’ve got ’em sized for desktops and iDevices as well. Enjoy!

Click the thumbnails to open the full size images and save them.

iPhone/iPod Touch

Desktop Mac/PC

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