Tilt to Live Store Arrives


Maybe it’s just because we made the game, but Alex and I have been dorking out for a week or so about Tilt to Live merch. We auditioned Cafepress.com as a provider (primarily with Game II in mind), and what we’ve ordered has come back pretty cool. Plus, their return policy is more than reasonable if you don’t like your item.

So at long last, you can express your enthusiasm for Tilt to Live with an Overrun tee (pictured), or a super-high quality poster print. I think my favorites are the Caffeine Blast mug and the Pointillism print, which looks really nice in a frame in my office.

Fifteen lucky winners from the mailing list are getting free posters, so keep an eye out for that email today, and tell us where to send it!

I’ll have some cool stuff to show from Game II next week. Fun fact: we do have a name picked out already, we just can’t start using it until we’re finished tying up the rights. Don’t wanna jinx it.

9 responses to “Tilt to Live Store Arrives”

  1. Sarion says:

    May lucky be with me for anything about TtL.

  2. Wry3it says:

    Winner, winner chicken dinner!
    Thanks guys

  3. Solan says:

    YES! T-SHIRTS! I must buy one! I shall be your walking advertisement! Viva la TTL!

  4. Solan says:

    I haz bought a Overrun T-shirt and the coffee Mug. YAY!

  5. Avenged110 says:

    I’m so buying that…

  6. Ira1017 says:

    caffeine blast…

  7. Will-aB says:

    Overrun and Caffeine Blast are both awesome. Although, I must say that I am disappointed with the “I tilt, therefore I live” items; it looks like you guys just got lazy and stuck TTL’s App Store logo onto a shirt/mug/poster and added a caption at the bottom.

  8. Isaac says:

    They’re all pretty good, but Caffeine Blast is by far the best. I’ll almost certainly be getting one.

  9. Solan says:

    I agree that Caffeine Blast is the best at that store. I just had to buy one.^_^