Oh, THAT Scoring Bug


We’ve been seeing some blog comments and emails lately describing a scoring bug in Tilt to Live. The story went that when you beat your highscore, it wouldn’t overwrite the old one on the Gametype Select screen. It’d show up correctly on Game Center, but not in-game. That’s odd, we thought, but Alex wasn’t able to duplicate the event on any of his devices… so we just went back to work on Outwitters.

One day last week, Alex and I had the idea of running a small Tilt to Live Tournament using Game Center. As we were experimenting with different ways to manage it, TA-DA, we encountered the mythical scoring bug! So now available on Tilt to Live Lite & coming very soon to the other versions is a patch for that scoring problem.

Coming soon to this blog (once those updates are live), will be details on our first ever Tilt to Live Tournament. So brush up on iPhone’s Code Red if you got something to prove.


15 responses to “Oh, THAT Scoring Bug”

  1. himanshu says:

    diff. tournaments for Tilt to Live HD and SD?

  2. Adam says:

    First one will be iPhone only. If it goes well we can try one with HD.

  3. MRcheese911 says:

    Yay it’s finally fixed

  4. Shakira says:

    My score is still gone. It says 0 for all, and I worked hard 2get my 32,000 score!

  5. Solan says:

    I don’t seem to have game center support at all for my scores.(my scores show up properly but not any online scores):P Could I have accidentally switched it off or something??

  6. Solan says:

    ooohhhh sorry that was stupid i had game center off.:P

  7. Isaac says:

    Time to bust out the old arrow n’ dots, then! My Code Red highscore is way up in the millions, but I’ll need some practice after months of ┬íViva la Turret!

    I’m going away for a week tomorrow, I hope I’m back in time.

  8. QuantumApocalypse says:

    Yay, TTL comp!!! Woo!

    Also, the FX bug while multitasking needs to be fixed and also the vortex and loads of bouncing dots problem. Unless it’s there to add a bit of a challenge…

  9. QuantumApocalypse says:

    Oh and are we allowed to play TTL SD on an iPad? Or iPod only…

  10. BOB says:

    My scores got fixed in-game, but my scores on Game Center are still incorrect.

  11. Avenged110 says:

    Well this is intriguing…

  12. himanshu says:

    i really think HD requires a whole new level of skill. The manic play of SD was fun till I discovered the piloting skill required in HD. I honestly think that Tilt To Live HD should be given to fighter jet pilots for training purposes!

  13. Noobiefier says:

    this is really bad. i got a 15 minute new highscore in the Gauntlet, but once i got back onto a wi-fi network, 1, my highscore resetted to the old 8minute 20 second one I had on Game Center, and 2, the achievement was ALSO not saved.

    when i play TtL offline, i can still see the highscore though, but the achievement looks like it’s good for good

  14. RandomQ says:

    I had this problem a few hours ago now its fine but i unlocked the genghis kgan award and its not there! Help!