Tilt to Live HD Gets the Retina Bump


I don’t know if you guys remember, but we made this game a while back called Tilt to Live HD. Then the iPhone 4’s retina display came along, and we wondered whether we had gotten our app names backward. So with the release of the iPad 3 and its retina display, we decidedĀ  it was time to finally justify the HD monicker. We’ve spent the last two weeks or so digging through the most poorly organized art files, the most amateur of code, and at last we’ve submitted the retina update. It’s on it’s way through Apple’s approval process to come live on your iPad 3 soon.

Just look at how much detail we were able to pack into the enemy designs!


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14 responses to “Tilt to Live HD Gets the Retina Bump”

  1. Kamikaze28 says:

    Now, the circles are 42% more round and the arrow is 23% more pointy!

  2. Avenged110 says:

    Win! Now I just wish I had a new iPad to enjoy it on.

  3. Leaf_It says:

    OMG! THATS SO MUCH DETAIL! I mean It looks so different now that its got all that DETAIL!

    But seriously, this is awesome. I wish I had an iPad 3 to enjoy it on.

  4. QuantumApocalypse says:

    Geeze, I wanna see the weapons and arrows now too

  5. brayton says:

    i had noticed that the orbs on gauntlet(iphone) were flat on the sides, that annoyied me, but now i am amazed at the detail.
    good thing the outwitters is in vector

  6. solan says:

    wow that’s actually a pretty big difference in detail…. now it’s truly “hd”

  7. QuantumApocalypse says:

    I can imagine if this was the April Fools post..

    -Tilt to Live ACTUALLY HD!

    next day…

    -Lol jks, who cares about retina..

  8. Talon313 says:

    OF COURSE WE REMEMBERED THIS GAME….but i just think the full version for hd is….too much money….maybe 2-4 dollars?

  9. solan says:

    @quantum apocalypse well i don’t really see why this would be an april fools… speaking of which, if this isn’t an april fools onemanleft missed out on that.

  10. QuantumApocalypse says:

    @solan, yeah, it just seems kinda…troll-y. But it’s real.

    and where’s the April fools post? šŸ™ I guess last years was easy with the announcement of a new game…

  11. Adam says:

    We actually completely forgot April Fools. Chalk it up to working to hard trying to get Outwitters out the door.

  12. T-Will says:

    ZOMG!!! It’s like a whole new game!!!

  13. Nazo Sislian says:

    I just wanna say that you guys have the best sense of humor of all game developers in the world.

    Love everything you’ve done so far, and looking fwd to your future games….

    Oh, and keep up that sarcasm, it’s what I feed on…

  14. diggitfireball says:

    There actually is a difference!
    If you’re quickly adding more to Tilt To Live and the HD versions, would there be a chance you could quickly include some new achievments as well?