Please Stay Calm. Incoming Tilt to Live Update


Some of you may have heard the news that AGON is shutting down operations at the end of June. If you haven’t, well… AGON is shutting down operations at the end of June. Adam has selected this inspirational video to help ease the transition.

To make sure Tilt to Live doesn’t run into any problems, we’re disabling AGON online connectivity from our game and using Game Center exclusively for global leaderboards and achievements. What does this mean for those that are living under a rock and don’t have internet connectivity on their devices? It shouldn’t mean much since ¬†they can’t update anyway, or read this post for that matter. Your offline highscores will still be stored locally and you’ll be able to see your highest scores on the gametype select screen. When you tap on ‘Awards’ you will also still be able to see which awards you’ve unlocked and which ones are left to pursue.

If you’re worried about losing highscores or achievements, I’d recommend setting up a Game Center account (if you haven’t already) and making sure that Game Center is enabled in Tilt to Live’s options menu. This allows the game to save awards and highscores to Apple’s Game Center servers, so you’ll be able to restore them easily even between re-installs, or across devices.

We’re working on pushing an update out for Tilt to Live first, followed by Tilt to Live HD, and then a Lite update. Should be submitted sometime next week.

15 responses to “Please Stay Calm. Incoming Tilt to Live Update”

  1. Joshua says:

    Anything else new? Just the AGON removal, or do you have some interesting updates planned for ol’ Tilt to Live?

  2. Adam says:

    Our hands are pretty full with the new game right now. But one day, perhaps.

  3. Solan says:

    Hah, I love your sense of humor about those people living under a rock. Literally LoL.

  4. Someone says:

    My Froatbite score didn’t save to Game Centet, but it did to AGON. Wut happenz nao?

  5. Super Volcano says:

    @Someone, get a new highscore.

    There better be new Tilt To Live stuff eventually, but while Game II is in production I don’t mind that there’s nothing coming soon.

  6. Edward says:

    I really love this game and I have a question:
    Do you have any plan to develop this game to other platform?
    Due to my friend also like this game after he borrow my iphone but his cell phone is Android platform, therefore I need to know you whether have any plan for other platform, thanks.

  7. frasier says:

    help i cant save my highscores everytime i click retry my highscore dissapear… how to solve it?

  8. Matias says:

    I have the same problem, everytime i play and make a highscore it don’t save it, it stays in the same score, i tried to reinstall but i’m still having this problem, this happened when i updated to v1.7.3, i was about to buy viva la torrent but if i’m still having this issue, so i prefer to wait… PLEASE HELP!

  9. Alex says:

    @frasier @Matias We haven’t been able to reproduce the problem on our end yet, but we’re still trying. When you beat a highscore and check the Game Center app, it should show up there correctly. We’ll be troubleshooting this as soon as we can.

  10. Max says:

    Pls Make this game for android

  11. Henry says:

    There’s some rumors on google that tilt to live is already made for android…
    Please make this game on android..

  12. Dallas says:

    Yes, another vote for TTL on android here. I love the game, I steal my girlfriends phone all the time to play it but wish I had it on my own. I thought about switching to iPhone for it but I cant.

  13. Brandon says:

    Im telling you, if you port to android you guy will make heaps of money. I’ve read heaps of forums of possible ports for this game onto android and found heaps of responses and requests to port Tilt To Live to android.