It’s Your Turn



It’s been a long time coming, but Space Food Truck‘s asynchronous update has just been soft launched! I guess it’s only medium-soft; I don’t know if you’re supposed to tell people you’ve soft launched something. Anyway, the Online Games section now supports hopping into a live game lobby to play the whole thing now, or joining an asynchronous (your turn/my turn) game to play at your leisure.

So what’s the difference between our live play and asynchronous? If you happen to have a few players bite immediately on your async lobby, you can play exactly like a live game as long as the current turn’s player is online. The difference is how we deal with players that leave.

In a live game, a dropped player has 60 seconds to rejoin before their slot is forfeited to one of the other players. In asynchronous, when a player leaves the game pauses until they return. Once your turn comes back around, you’ll get a Steam notification. We really want to add a 48 hour time limit to boot inactive players, but we’ve hit some technical snags on that front that we’re trying to work through.

There are a few minor visual bugs in the game list that we’ll be dealing with before we call asynchronous “official”, but otherwise it’s been performing really well for us in testing. This update should make it WAY easier for you lonely hearts to find a crew online. If you encounter any weirdness, let us know at Happy trucking!

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Morphin’ Time


Testing how malleable Blender animation and rigs can be. Blank Man has become Lizard Man!

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It’s Alive


After a little more than a month of 3d re-education, I’ve finally got a decent animation to show for it. With some more experience, maybe I’ll be good enough for us to make a decent-looking 3d game.

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Still Alive



I’d hoped to have more cool stuff to show off from my 3d training tangent, but I’ve spent the past week refining that same old Blank Man model and rig. The past two days have been devoted to this one flippin’ shoulder, which is apparently a very tricky part of the anatomy to get right. This model went from “I’ll make a formless blob in the shape of a man and move on” to “I’ll make a person with good edgeflow I can base all my people-shaped models on”. I’ve deleted his hands and shoulders 3 or 4 times each, but I’ve learned a ton buckling down and trying to get it all right.

I believe asynchronous play is coming to Space Food Truck this month, after which I think we’ll do some game design again. I think I remember how to do that.

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Rejoice, Rejoin!



After a month or so of major overhaul to Space Food Truck‘s networking functionality, we’ve just released a convenient rejoin feature for online games! Now if a player is disconnected mid-turn, they’ll have a full 60 seconds to pick up exactly where they left off. There’s no longer a need for anyone to exit and rehost, or to retake the beginning of your turn to catch up. A popup will appear on the main menu after you’ve disconnected, or you can click “rejoin” in the “Find Online Game” screen.

Of course, this feature is just the first big hurdle we needed to clear on our way toward full asynchronous support. Soon it’ll be much easier to find a crew for a pick-up game of SFT online, and you’ll have the option of taking your turns whenever it’s convenient for you.

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It’s been a bit of a slog in 3d learning land the past week or so. My plan was to make a super simple mesh, rig it up, and try a little animation. But there was some ambition creep, my simple mesh got fingers and articulations, I experimented and improved my tutorial rig a little, and I spent all yesterday trying to figure out what the best low poly topology for fingers would look like. I have absolutely nothing cool to show for all that, but I learned a lot!

Next I’ll finally have something to animate with, and I might try scrapping this mesh to see if I can refit this rig to a character with different proportions.

I wasn’t at all excited about learning Blender at the start of all this, but it really does do everything Maya did for me. Some things worse, but a lot of things better.

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SFT 1.0.221



Our migration to Unity 5 is done! There were a few bugs that snuck past in the migration over the weekend that we tidied up, and we’ll be sure to fix any more that might spring up later. This build is now on the live branch, so for those that were being super helpful and giving it a go on the beta branch over the weekend, feel free to switch over to the normal build. Thanks so much to those that give the beta a spin this weekend!


  • Fixed audio clipping bug that would cause some background elements to go mute.
  • Fixed a crashing bug in the event UI if the player tried to take the damage in some scenarios.
  • Fixed a crashing bug involving crises expiring that would hang up online games.
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Hotfix for SFT


Typically we have a long list of changes in our weekly builds, but this week we’ve spent most of our time planning and info gathering for some pretty large upcoming updates. So not a ton of time for bug fixes or feature adds this week, but we’ll be making up for that soon!

Reviewing the stats for our Dragon Sweat achievement, it looks like only 0.2% of you have been able to conquer that behemoth. A hint: at the start of the game, you’re going to want to focus everyone’s attention on helping the engie. The sooner he can overcome your draw pod situation, the better.

As usual, we’ll be streaming our own playtest this afternoon at 2:30pm ET on Twitch, and giving away a few free copies of SFT. Stop by an ask us anything!

It doesn’t qualify as a list this week, but here’s what’s new:


  • Fixed a bug where the damage output displayed on time fluctuation events were showing the incorrect amount.
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Dragon Sweat is Here


Dragon Sweat

Our first content update has just arrived for Space Food Truck, spicing things up with the new Dragon Sweat difficulty. If you played our Dragon Sweat beta over the weekend, you may want to right-click SFT in your games library, click properties, go to the betas tab, and opt out of betas now.

Rather than piling on the damage and calling it a day, Dragon Sweat adds a unique event on the first turn of the game designed to change the way you approach certain decisions. A manufacturer’s recall on your ship’s engine states it will rupture in “just about exactly 90 turns”, and any spacetime fluctuations you encounter on your adventure can reduce that timer. Your entire crew will need to bring their A game if you’re hoping to bring home the new “Dragon Slayer” achievements.

Here’s what else is new today:


  • Crises now deal half damage in Mild Mode
  • New difficulty added: Dragon Sweat
  • Added 2 new achievements for beating Dragon Sweat.


  • 15 new planet names and descriptions added
  • 10 customer reviews were added to the game over screen.
  • Added a saucy new difficulty UI screen.


  • Fixed a bug for save files that would get corrupted when illegal hands would be drawn. They should now be recoverable.
  • Fixed a bug where “Full House” achievement wouldn’t trigger when using power glove.
  • Fixed a bug where players could get around the hand max in various ways causing issues with game stability. In some cases, like fast track, if you’re researching and there’s no room, the card will go to the top of the draw pile instead.

And we aren’t finished with Space Food Truck yet! Stay tuned for news on what’s next, and let us know what you’d like to see in the comments or on our discussion board.

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April Fools Cancelled!


We were informed today by President Obama that April Fools will not be observed this year.

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