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It’s been a long time coming, but Space Food Truck‘s asynchronous update has just been soft launched! I guess it’s only medium-soft; I don’t know if you’re supposed to tell people you’ve soft launched something. Anyway, the Online Games section now supports hopping into a live game lobby to play the whole thing now, or joining an asynchronous (your turn/my turn) game to play at your leisure.

So what’s the difference between our live play and asynchronous? If you happen to have a few players bite immediately on your async lobby, you can play exactly like a live game as long as the current turn’s player is online. The difference is how we deal with players that leave.

In a live game, a dropped player has 60 seconds to rejoin before their slot is forfeited to one of the other players. In asynchronous, when a player leaves the game pauses until they return. Once your turn comes back around, you’ll get a Steam notification. We really want to add a 48 hour time limit to boot inactive players, but we’ve hit some technical snags on that front that we’re trying to work through.

There are a few minor visual bugs in the game list that we’ll be dealing with before we call asynchronous “official”, but otherwise it’s been performing really well for us in testing. This update should make it WAY easier for you lonely hearts to find a crew online. If you encounter any weirdness, let us know at Happy trucking!

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