Gauntlet’s Revenge is FREE on Android


Gauntlet's Revenge AndroidSo, real talk, Gauntlet’s Revenge has been under-performing on Android as a paid app. By a whole lot. In light of this, in the spirit of making lemonade from our lemons, Gauntlet’s Revenge just went free with ads on Android! Now there’s nothing standing between you and your shot at the Dot King.

A “remove ads” IAP is included so you can play the game as it was originally intended. We are unbelievably sorry to the few players who did purchase the app. There’s just no way for us to exclude you from a change like this, and we totally understand if you’d like a refund on your purchase. Send your request through this form along with your Google Play order number and we’ll get it issued as soon as possible. We wouldn’t consider a drastic move like this unless it absolutely had to be done.

There are no plans to make changes to the iOS version of the game at this time.

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