Gauntlet’s Revenge Update for Android


Gauntlet's Revenge AndroidWe’ve released an update recently giving our latest game, Gauntlet’s Revenge, a little extra Android love. Thanks to those who have supported us this year!

New Features:

  • Snazzy new icon.
  • Native resolution support and custom UI for 4:3 Android tablets
  • Added sharing option for scores with G+, Hangouts, Twitter, etc. on game over screen.
  • Fixed graphics display to reduce banding (crisper graphics)
  • Android back button now works as expected and consistently throughout the game.
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  1. By the way, it’s awesome that you guys are posting the blog posts here. I’m constantly on the forums but I rarely check the blog. Now I can be up to date on both!

  2. And I can change the posts I make. It’d have been a little more fun to look at my Gravatar that I used to make comments on the actual blog, though. I guess, out with the old, huh?

  3. glad to know it’ll get more use now

  4. nothing stopping you from changing your avatar here

  5. Wait, how did you get an avatar on the main blog?

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