What Now?


Space Food Truck is complete. We have a lot of features, expansions and gametype ideas we could still add to it (maybe we’ll post some of that later), but there was another project being tossed around that we’ve really been itching to green light.

In 2012 we made our first strategy game called Outwitters, and ever since moving on from that game we’ve had a pet obsession. When I looked through our “Outwitters 2: Think Again” folder just now (that was a working title), I counted 9 hex-based, PvP strategy prototypes we’ve tinkered with. Some were a lot like Outwitters, and some were barely recognizable. Finally, after 4+ years on and off experimenting, we’ve got it. A worthy successor. And that’s what we’re working on full time, starting next week.

In about a year, we hope to have it ready for launch. There will be a Kickstarter, and we will need your help! If you haven’t signed up for the mailing list yet, definitely do to keep up with our progress. And you can also check back here weekly to peek over our shoulders while we work.

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Outwitters Sale This Weekend!


Outwitters Sale

Space Food Truck is officially graduating from Early Access next week, so this weekend we’re shining a spotlight on our first multiplayer strategy game, Outwitters for iOS and Android! Today through Sunday, EVERYTHING in the Outwitters store is 75% off or more.

Outwitters is an easy-to-learn, tough-to-master player vs. player strategy game that supports 1 vs. 1 or 2 vs. 2 matches. It even has cross-platform play between iOS and Android. You can check out the trailer to see it in action, and be sure to stop by our forums if you’re searching for a few regular opponents.

Our newest game, Space Food Truck, will be officially released on Steam March 25th. You can sign up for our mailer to get an email reminder. 25 lucky subscribers are getting a free copy on launch day!

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Twitching Outwitters this Friday



This Friday on a very special OML Twitches: the creators of Outwitters go head to head! Neither of us have played in a good long while, but still we will clash like a couple of newborn babies. Help Alex scout and overcome my army for a shot at a free copy of Space Food Truck, which will pour forth from my base for every point of HP damage I take.  Stream starts Friday at 2:30pm EST , and the rerun will be up on our Youtube shortly thereafter.

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Outwitters is Humbled!


Humble Bundle 16 is here, and Outwitters: Humble Edition is among the great Android games you can pick up while supporting a great cause. Pay whatever you want for this special version of Outwitters, DRM-free with all the IAP unlocked. That’s about $36 worth of teams, maps, and skins; plus you get a bunch of other awesome mobile games!

This Bundle splits the proceeds between small developers like us, Direct Relief (providing medical relief for people all over the world), and Worldreader (helping kids learn to read across the globe). You even get to pick how much of your money should go to each! So whether you’re looking for a good deal on Android games, you’re in a giving mood, or both; check out what Humble 16 has to offer.

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Outwitters 2 Mockup


We even went as far as exploring art styles for an Outwitters sequel. Here’s a Mortal Kombat-esque miniature board mockup with a Feedback “hero” character. One of our Outwitters 2 designs involved these heroes that worked like really durable special units.


Outwitters Returns?


Outwitters 2 was a heavy contender for Game 5, but ultimately we decided to go with something completely fresh. On the left are a few soldier designs for a new dystopian Adorables team, and on the right are some updated looks for the Feedback soldier.

Outwitters 2 Sketches

I think we’re still a few weeks out from our big Game 5 announcement, but keep checking back for more updates!

Big App Store fix is live


We had a few pesky bugs slip into the Outwitters 2.0 App Store update, but we’ve rushed out a fix to clean them up. If you know anyone who experienced these problems, let them know we’ve got it patched!
Outwitters Sketchbook

  • Fixed permanent black screen when leaving a game.
  • Fixed crash when signing in with a large number of Game Center friends.
  • Fixed a few sorting issues in your turn list.
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Outwitters 2.0 – Now on Android & iOS


Outwitters for Android

Buy on iOS Buy on Android

Over the past few months our turn-based strategy game Outwitters has been painstakingly rebuilt, more or less from the ground up. We’re proud to announce that it’s finally available for Android devices, and can even be played cross-platform with our iOS community! You can grab it right now for free, or read on to learn more.

What’s New in 2.0?

  • Rebuilt from the ground up to support Android & iOS cross play
  • Faster push notifications allow for ‘blitz’ play. Your game will refresh as soon as your opponent sends his turn, instead of having to flip back to the main menu.
  • Minor touch-ups and add-ons to UI, such as viewing your friends’ rank before inviting them to a game.
  • Faster load times and transitions, with higher frame rates smoothing out some animations

What’s Outwitters?

For the uninitiated, Outwitters is a quirky turn-based strategy game that asks players to navigate the fog of war, vying for a good angle on their opponent’s base. The first player to deal 5 damage to the enemy base wins. Spawning troops, moving around the board, and attacking are all powered by a resource called wits, which you can grab more of by taking control of bonus spaces around the map. It’s easy to learn, but there are plenty of complex tactics to master.

What really sets Outwitters apart from other mobile games are the robust league, season, and matchmaking systems. After a few placement matches you’ll be assigned a league and placed into a division, where you’ll square off against 100 or so worthy opponents for glory. These league rankings are recorded and reshuffled every so often when a new season arrives. It’s basically the perfect game for competitive people who like pink teddy bears.

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Outwitters 2.0 Arrives March 12th


Outwitters ArtThings have been a little hectic at the office this week, but we are finally able to announce that Outwitters 2.0 will be hitting Android and iOS devices this week. Thursday March 12th to be exact! That means you Apple folk still have a few more days to warm up before the Androids arrive.

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Outwitters 2.0 Trailer


We just couldn’t launch a major update for Outwitters without giving the trailer a face lift. Those jaw-dropping scrambler maneuvers are actually real replays from forum regulars Apple 9763 and Alvendor.

Coming in March: Outwitters 2.0 with faster load times, better frame rates, and cross platform play between iOS and Android! For an email reminder on launch day you can sign up for our mailer, or follow us on facebook, twitter, or this very blog.

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