Twitching Outwitters this Friday



This Friday on a very special OML Twitches: the creators of Outwitters go head to head! Neither of us have played in a good long while, but still we will clash like a couple of newborn babies. Help Alex scout and overcome my army for a shot at a free copy of Space Food Truck, which will pour forth from my base for every point of HP damage I take.  Stream starts Friday at 2:30pm EST , and the rerun will be up on our Youtube shortly thereafter.

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  1. EST (eastern standard time)

  2. The reason I ask is because we’re using daylight saving time now, so I am confused about whether I have to adjust by an hour to get the right time.

  3. ah ok. Ya we’re referring to ET: aka whatever is the time on the east coast. Thanks for the heads up!

  4. On this note, I might try twitching SFT sometime

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