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While we thought about how our followup to Outwitters would play, I also took some time to work on how it might look. Very early on when a straight-up sequel was being considered, I explored some fresh looks for the old races.

The Dystopian Adorables: If we decided to bring the Adorables back for another round, I thought it might be fun to “Mad Max” them up a little.


I also experimented a little with new takes on some old Feedback and Veggienaut designs:



Since Hex Gambit isn’t a true Outwitters sequel, these characters are staying in my sketchbook for now. When we decided to explore themes outside of Outwitters, that opened up all kinds of possibilities for what characters could look like. I’ll have some real designs from HG to post very soon.

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  1. heavy artistic breathing

  2. Chem since you and Random Task have a scrambler profile picture I keep getting confused lol

  3. I actually think some of the Veggienaut Heavy sketches looks better then the original. I love the pumpkin head:)

  4. Well Outwitters is an older game for one and a lot of the things that you requested do exist.

    Tournaments are hosted here by members of the community. I’m currently running a friendly 1v1 tournament for all ranks and got a nice turnout. If you are interested in tournament play, send me a private message and we can talk about you maybe being a sub if someone doesn’t show up for one of their games

    A map creator exists as well though it is just for fun and the maps can’t actually be played in Outwitters. It is called the OMC and can be found here http://omc.wappdesign.net
    It isn’t super active at the moment but if you have an idea for a community activity involving the OMC then you should definitely start it. This community is really welcoming/participatory.

    However, 3v3 is likely never going to happen. OML has already released three games since Outwitters and have stopped producing new content for OW. If you enjoy OW (like all of us on this forum) please continue to support OML by supporting Hex Gambit and looking forward to its release!

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