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App Store Editor's Choice - Among the App Store's Best of 2012

It's a Battle of Wits!Take turns against friends or let us match you to a worthy opponent in this quirky turn-based strategy game. You’ll maneuver your troops through the fog of war in 1 on 1 or 2 vs 2 battles where the first player to destroy the enemy base wins. Four races are at your disposal, each with a unique special unit to master. Will you fight alongside a hermit crab cannon, a brainwasher, a creeping thorny octopus, or a troop-teleporting narwhal?


  • Take turns asynchronously, or pass the device
  • 1-on-1 or 2-on-2 mayhem!
  • Battle players of similar skill with league placement & matchmaking
  • New seasons arrive to shake up the leaderboards
  • Build a friends list and chat in-game
  • Works on both tablets and phones