No Gravity Waves Here


Space Food Truck doesn’t partake in any sense of realism. That said, gravitational waves are still awesome. And speaking of waves, we got the Gamma Toaster card animating in this update:

Gameplay-wise the biggest change this week is that the resupply deck doesn’t run out late game. It was a slightly slower week regarding bug fixes and gameplay balance/improvements as we shifted focus to polish up some artwork, animations, and audio. SFT is still in Early Access, and we intend to start wrapping things up in the next several weeks to get ready for 1.0 launch. So if you’ve got bugs, suggestions, or feedback don’t hesitate to leave a comment, tweet at us, post on SFT forums, or send it directly to bugs at spacefoodtruck dot com.

  • Resupply deck is now endless.
  • Last Resort changed to “Leftovers”, along with new card art.
  • Added polish to backgrounds of ship view and zap mart.
  • Added animation for gamma toasting cards.
  • Added animation for cards that will be destroyed instead of discarded.
  • Fixed a bug where backtracking towards a delivery would cause two delivery screens to show up.
  • Fixed bug where breakthroughs on Thai Hot could be reduced back to 1 instead of the minimum of 2.
  • Asking around on an already revealed or visited planet no longer wastes an Ask Around point.
  • Fixed a bug where recipe HUD wouldn’t update ownership HUDs when an ingredient was given to another player.
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Trading Cards & Achievements


Space Food Truck Holiday Sale
In addition to some further difficulty tweaks and bug fixes, Space Food Truck Early Access is getting 28 brand new achievements and eight Steam trading cards today! We’re also dropping our price 10% for the Steam Holiday Sale (starting at 10am PST), so for those of you with family gatherings planned this week it’s great time to get on board with our new co-op game. A lot has changed since the original Early Access release, so be sure to leave us some fresh feedback!


  • Test your skills against 28 new achievements.
  • Arrival events are slightly harder, giving less outs for the Engy.
  • Captain’s Overdrive works differently: it now fills your FTL to the max capacity and lets you travel.
  • Ask Around is now in the starter deck for the Captain
  • Backtrack is moved from the Captain’s starter deck to the lab


  • Fixed text clipping issues with crises events in UI pop ups
  • Fixed bug where ‘connect the dots’ or ‘not enough juice’ errors would spring up when selecting ‘done’ during engage actions.
  • Fixed bug where dock/punch it buttons would disappear during ‘Spacetime Flies’ FTL Arrival events.
  • Fixed hitboxes for selecting crises during diplomabot and in the ship in general.


  • Steam tradings card support has been added. Collect all 8 and craft your badges!
  • Added error message for Captain’s Backtrack, so players can’t add more than the 3 power needed.
  • You can click on flipped/researched nodes in lab to peek at the card in addition to hovering over them for some time.
  • Added more polished animation for trashing cards in resupply phase.
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Vote for SFT!


The Indie of the Year competition on is wrapping up, but there’s still time to vote for Space Food Truck. Voters are also entered for a chance to win some Steam games. So maybe Space Food Truck will win something, or maybe you will! Just click the big button below to make somebody possibly a winner.

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The Redeckening


The feedback from Space Food Truck’s Early Access is pouring in, and we’ve already got our sights on some big changes. Rolling out as soon as possible: our least popular cards are being retired to make way for some cooler ones.

New in the ZapMart

The Sammich, Footlong Sammich, Echonium, and Enriched Echonium buff your card values if you happened to have sylk or ingredient-type cards in your hand. But that isn’t happening as often as we like. So to improve the usefulness of these cards, their powers are being combined. The new and improved Enriched Echonium will give big bonuses if you have sylk OR ingredients in your hand, making it twice as useful!

The Claw of Duty lets you pull job cards from your discard pod, but it doesn’t really feel stronger than the regular Claw. So to make it worth the purchase price, we’re buffing it to pull any card you want from your discard. And if your pod happens to be empty, it’ll now be worth 2 Power to charge your abilities.

New Space Food Truck Items

Lastly, two new items are in works! We hate the Prime Accelerator as much as you guys. So we’re removing it from the game completely, and replacing it with a sweet new card called the Unomas Remote. You’ll also soon be able to reach your favorite cards even faster with the powerful and flexible Exchangitron.

New Job Cards

Another issue that’s been brought to our attention: there are a few boring cards in the Scientist’s lab. We agree, so here’s what’s being changed for each character.

The Captain’s Ask Around will no longer have a Power requirement. You’ll get 3 free picks around the galaxy map, so you can save your Power for travel.

The Scientist had plenty of Research cards already, so we’re replacing the one in his lab row with a second copy of his powerful Mimicube card.


If you’re like us, you avoid unlocking the Engie’s third Upgrade Ship card if you can help it. So that’s been replaced with a brand new card called Duct Tape, which can be used to fix any single broken item on the ship for free, no matter how expensive.

We’ve got a few more changes in mind that we’ll be ready to post about soon. Huge thanks to everyone who’s supported us and sent in feedback so far. Let us know what you think of these changes, and keep an eye out for new builds on the way to Space Food Truck’s Early Access!

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Spectator Mode Added


Space Food Truck Early Access is underway, and the response so far has been amazing! We’re getting a lot of helpful feedback about the various systems at play. But the biggest feature request so far is the ability to seeing what the current player is doing when it’s not your turn in an online game. So today we’re rolling out a WIP solution. A “watch” button has been added next to the current player’s turn icon:

Screen Shot 2015-11-27 at 4.45.12 PM

Click this to follow your teammate’s point of view. If they go to the map, you’ll follow; if they go to repair something, you’ll see it, and so on. You won’t be able to see their hand at the bottom of the screen, and some screens (like the inventory) don’t show you everything they’re doing yet, but more networked functionality will be added as we move forward. Our goal is to eventually let you watch everything your teammates are up to.

And if, at any time, you want to deviate from the current player’s screen and plan ahead for your turn, you can click any nav button or toggle the ‘Watch’ button off to resume control and explore the ship on your own.

Patch notes (0.8.132):


  • Added first pass of spectator functionality so online players can get a better sense of what the current player is doing.


  • Fixed bug with galaxy map path rendering that caused visibility issues.
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Humble Mobile Bundle 12


The latest Humble Mobile Bundle is out, and who’s that handsome devil in the lineup? Tilt to Live 2 joins The Last Express, Spaceteam, Monument Valley, Blek, and Joe Danger in this great, big bundle of joy for Android. Grab some awesome games at a great price and support charity in the process!

Outwitters 1.7.1 Beta


Alex is BusyWant to try out bleeding edge (mostly working) software? The beta for the next Outwitters update that’ll eventually bring Outwitters to Android is now live for iOS. If you’re interested in helping out and taking it for a spin, head over and sign up.  Details on the beta requirements and what it means for your current Outwitters play can be found here.

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Gauntlet’s Revenge Update for Android


Gauntlet's Revenge AndroidWe’ve released an update recently giving our latest game, Gauntlet’s Revenge, a little extra Android love. Thanks to those who have supported us this year!

New Features:

  • Snazzy new icon.
  • Native resolution support and custom UI for 4:3 Android tablets
  • Added sharing option for scores with G+, Hangouts, Twitter, etc. on game over screen.
  • Fixed graphics display to reduce banding (crisper graphics)
  • Android back button now works as expected and consistently throughout the game.
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Civil Discourse Engaged.


We’ve done some housekeeping since Gauntlet’s Revenge launched, including a search for better, more modern forum software. After looking into Discourse for a few weeks, we’ve decided to take the plunge.

We’ve even added some hooks between Outwitters and Discourse to make passing data between them easier. For example, the top 200 weekly list is now automatically generated by our servers and posted (with some new criteria to boot). It was a nice experiment that shows promise for potential future integrations, should the need arise. And that was simply scratching the surface! The rest of the software makes writing posts and adding to discussions a more pleasant experience, granted there will be a learning curve for those of you used to our old forums.

We’ve collected a few tips and tricks to help ease your transition. If you have any questions, feel free to reply to that thread and we can add it to the main post.

What about my account and posts?

Your account and old posts are all still here! You simply need to reset your password, as passwords are not stored on our servers. Just click reset your password and login to your email to regain access under your new account. If you have any issues, don’t hesitate to contact us.

All the old posts have been imported to the new forum, though some of the formatting may be off due to different standards. We’ll be setting the old forums to ‘read-only’ and placing it at a different URL temporarily as we get users migrated to the new setup. Once the dust settles we’ll retire it for good.

We hope you all enjoy the new forums! Thanks for being a part of our community.

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Outwitters 2v2 Update


Outwitters IconIn an overdue effort to keep things balanced in the land of Outwitters, 2v2 has been updated with a first-turn advantage fix similar to our 1v1 rules. This solution addresses the concern that when second player takes their turn, their team starts 5 wits behind first player and plays catchup. The new way this works is:

  • Team 1 gets 5 wits.
  • Team 2 gets 7 wits (starting 5 wits behind, but ending the turn 2 wits ahead).
  • Team 1 gets 5 wits (starting 2 wits behind, ending 3 ahead).
  • Team 2 gets 6 wits (starting 3 wits behind, ending 3 wits ahead).
  • From here, all players get 5 wits at the start of each turn.

If all this sounds odd to you, know that it sounded weird to us too when the concept was first introduced on our forums. With this tweak, each player starts their turn playing catchup on wits, but gets to end it a little bit ahead of the person before them.

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