Space Food Truck: Unity 5 GOTY Edition


Things have been quiet on the content front while we lay down some foundational work for Space Food Truck. It’s a bit of a slog now, but in the end we’ll be much more efficient at adding things and fixing bugs. We’ve got lots of cool stuff planned for the future of Space Food Truck, so keep an eye on this news feed!

Part of our overhaul has been upgrading SFT to the latest Unity Engine build. Typically it’s not something I would attempt to do mid-project, but the benefits of not having your environment crash randomly, plus the opportunity to address some bugs in the core engine felt well worth the risk. This transition has not been without a few mind-bending bugs that have made me question causality and the nature of reality. This image pretty well sums it up:

That said, the Unity engine update should go live sometime early next week. Anyone wishing to help us put the latest build through its paces can switch over to the ‘thar_be_dragons’ beta branch on Steam this weekend. Be sure to send your feedback and bug reports to!

Here’s what’s new this week:


  • You can now zoom in/out on the galaxy map with the mouse scroll wheel.


  • Upgraded SFT project to run on Unity 5 Engine.
  • Optimized rendering performance of galaxy map by ~15-20%.
  • Event Log is more responsive when closed during ship animations.


  • Fixed path highlighting bug in galaxy map where some paths would only partially light up.
  • Fixed bug where the vent monster could get stuck on the ship after a “spacetime flies” event. (Yikes)
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