No Gravity Waves Here


Space Food Truck doesn’t partake in any sense of realism. That said, gravitational waves are still awesome. And speaking of waves, we got the Gamma Toaster card animating in this update:

Gameplay-wise the biggest change this week is that the resupply deck doesn’t run out late game. It was a slightly slower week regarding bug fixes and gameplay balance/improvements as we shifted focus to polish up some artwork, animations, and audio. SFT is still in Early Access, and we intend to start wrapping things up in the next several weeks to get ready for 1.0 launch. So if you’ve got bugs, suggestions, or feedback don’t hesitate to leave a comment, tweet at us, post on SFT forums, or send it directly to bugs at spacefoodtruck dot com.

  • Resupply deck is now endless.
  • Last Resort changed to “Leftovers”, along with new card art.
  • Added polish to backgrounds of ship view and zap mart.
  • Added animation for gamma toasting cards.
  • Added animation for cards that will be destroyed instead of discarded.
  • Fixed a bug where backtracking towards a delivery would cause two delivery screens to show up.
  • Fixed bug where breakthroughs on Thai Hot could be reduced back to 1 instead of the minimum of 2.
  • Asking around on an already revealed or visited planet no longer wastes an Ask Around point.
  • Fixed a bug where recipe HUD wouldn’t update ownership HUDs when an ingredient was given to another player.
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