Hex Gambit: Respawned is Out Today!


If you like turn-based battles, but could do without all the stat optimizing menus, have I got a game for you! Hex Gambit: Respawned is an easy to pick up battle sport for 1-4 players now available on PC, Mac, and all major consoles! The first to score 10 points wins in dynamic 20 minute matches against friends, online randos, or AI.


  • 21 single player challenges with 3 difficulties, concocted by the Mastermind himself
  • Local or online friendly matches for 1-4 players with handicaps and house rules
  • 1v1 competitive matchmaking with crossplay!

Help Us Succeed!

If you love this game and want to see it succeed, repost and boost our signal on your favorite social media (TwitterX, Instagram, BlueSky, Threads, Facebook). Leave a review to help the algorithms like us on Steam, PS Store, or Xbox! You can also come say hi on our new hexgambit discord channel and join or host a friendly match with other players.

On a Personal Note

If you’ve been following One Man Left over these last few tumultuous years, THANK YOU. It means a lot that you guys are still liking posts or dropping me encouraging messages. It’s mind-blowing that (thanks to my publisher, Blowfish) my first solo project is out on every platform under the sun today, and I hope you guys have a blast with it. You’re awesome!

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