Year of Ultimate Patience


Another year of full time, mostly unpaid game development accomplished!

I was really hoping that Hex Gambit: Respawned would make 2023 One Man Left’s comeback year, but we just missed the cutoff. Now eyeing a 2024 launch, HGR will be my first console game and the first time I’ve partnered with a publisher. Exciting stuff on the horizon!

I don’t really know what to expect for launch, but it will feel great to have a new game I can point to when people ask “what have you made?” Our older projects are showing their age, and there’s nothing I can do to fix them.

I spent my 2023 working on an unannounced, goofy Food Truckin’ game that’s now feature complete! It’s a less RNG, single player evolution of Space Food Truck with lots of cool new ideas, and I’m in the process of polishing it up to show off next year.

So what’s the plan for OML in 2024? Launch a game and tee up another one! It’s been four years since Alex left, and I’ve been working hard to put awesome projects in the pipeline. These games are the best work of my career, and next year you’ll finally get to play what I’ve been up to!

Happy New Year everyone, and best of luck with all of your mad adventures in 2024!

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