v0.1.8 – Waterworks & Powerhouse


Two map themes, six map layouts, new Toggle Space bonuses, and a top-to-bottom optimization pass. I’ve been busy this month!

The Powerhouse is a neat indoor theme with some VERY Outwitters-esque gameplay: you’ll gain a bonus AP each turn you own this map’s toggle space! This was the first time I’ve ever lit anything that wasn’t an outdoors scene, so I did bang my head against the wall getting everything to look and perform nicely here. But it’s got a unique look, and I learned a lot.

The Waterworks map’s bonus was probably inspired by playing hydrosophist in Divinity, because it shoots healy water. All damaged units on your team are healed by 1 at the start of your turns if you own the toggle space – a little regen for free.

So that’s seven map themes done, 21 maps total, and the project is mostly ready for a console port if things pan out on that front. Next update: local multiplayer will be wrapped after I polish up the Map Select and add some options for House Rules. Then it’s on to 0.2 – single player challenge maps!

What’s new this update:

  • Two new map themes: Powerhouse and Waterworks
  • Added a section on Toggle Spaces to How to Play.
  • Improved Motivator and Brute AI
  • Added visual hint when you don’t have enough AP, or a move isn’t cooled down.
  • Optimized hex tile rendering and lights for better performance.
  • Added Press Start to Main Menu for possible console port.
  • Added loading screen and revamped loading/unloading of levels for possible console port.
  • Tab and Esc are no longer the same as pressing Start on the main menus.
  • Fixed a visual issue where minions floated a little above the ground
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