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I’ve wrapped up the new Hex Gambit stadium! It’s pretty grandiose and faction neutral. Those Neptis aqueducts we were using will be missed, but maybe they’ll find a second life post-launch. Nice part of having these statues modeled is we can use them to jazz up the Apex Cup’s “map takeover” states later.

Speaking of the Apex Cup, our league metagame has Alex’s full attention right now, so it won’t be long before we all get to pick a faction and duke it out. We’ve got our sights on balance changes for the brute and two other characters before we all start really competing in Early Access. Our goal is that it won’t be suicidal to start a match without a brute on the board.

Here’s a few more shots of the new stadium.

More fidelity in the Outwitters statues, plus a pool of water under the big screen that I don’t think anyone will ever see.

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  1. hahaha! We actually had that lighting setup at one point early on for characters, but the performance hit was too high for all but the highest end PCs.

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