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Hex Gambit Factions

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When you first boot up the league in Hex Gambit you’ll have a choice to make: Neptis, Torga, or Volcan? These three factions compete in a larger territory control metagame every season, which we think will last a month each. There are leaderboards within each faction as well, so you can fight for your own glory at the same time you’re fighting for your team.

Profile trophies are awarded to the winning faction at the end of each season, and to the top players for each team. You can switch factions at the start of every season, and we’re also planning some population-based bonuses and lockouts to keep everyone on even footing. We’ll tell you more about the rules of the metagame later in development. It’s designed to provide some dramatic icing on top of our usual leaderboards and skill tiers.

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  1. spccsc says:

    First season torga party!!!!

  2. So basically it starts just like Pokemon :grin:

  3. I like red. Go Vulcan!

  4. faction choice won't effect unit availability.

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