Among the last particle effects I needed to complete for Hex Gambit‘s Early Access release, Abbacus‘s captain’s power lets you return any enemy unit you don’t like back to their spawn pool. It’ll cost a few precious turns to respawn and reposition them, and they’ll return to the board in the same condition as they left.

Yesterday was day one of our captains’ voiceover sessions! We’re recording the six Early Access captains we showed off during Kickstarter, plus some extra voices for future captains we may add after launch next year. We had a lot of great auditions and too many talented people to choose from. We can’t wait to show off the results!

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  1. No one can defeat Baron Brimstone.

    He was actually voiced by our composer, Mike Reagan, who is returning for Hex Gambit as the voice of Abbacus. He also does all of our minions grunts and oofs (even the Adorables medic!).

  2. I was thinking maybe when we have some of the mastered vocals/music to show, or when we have a more concrete release date to announce. I’ve been trying to only push big updates to backers, so they don’t get Hex Gambit fatigue. We have so much stuff that’s 90% ready to show off/announce, and everything is coming together so last minute… by the time it’s all ready to show off, the game will be out, I guess. I’ll take a look at the feed and see if it’s time for an update. Thanks for keeping me on top of it.

  3. Wow thats great! Eagerly awaiting the official release date!

  4. patiently waiting intensifies

  5. I’m hoping to get a write up (part 2) done soon™.

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