The Halfway Mark


15 days down, 15 to go! We’ve been blown away by your support for Hex Gambit. Fully funded in just 5 days, and now closing in on our House Rules stretch goal! If you have a friend that knows they’ll be picking the game up eventually, why not help us make it better by backing now?

Sorry for our lack of progress reports lately. It’s been nice to let the Kickstarter do its thing and focus on work for a while. We’re currently in the process of lining up our sound design schedule for Early Access. Specifically, we’re discussing voice actors and directions for our Captains. Bjorgolf as a big burly Russian, Lolli sounding like Cornholio. These are super fun meetings, and I’ve loved every minute spent writing this dialogue.

While we’re in the recording studio for our launch captains, we’ve actually got some flexibility with the actors to record a few extra characters, just in case we want to add some post-launch. Here’s my rough sketches for three “maybe one day” captains we’ll also be recording:

Click to enlarge.

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  1. Dr. Superior is absolutely wonderful. I just changed my profile pic but should I change it again?

  2. Was finally in a position to pledge. Hope it helps. Can’t wait to stream this game on twitch :slight_smile:
    Somehow my zelda speed runs are pulling in a few people. I’ll hype it up and see if I can get you a few more pledges.

  3. Thanks for your support! Much appreciated!

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