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Here’s an early mockup of how our league territory control metagame works in Hex Gambit. You’ll choose a space on the big map to play for, and the Victory Points you earn in that game (win or lose) get applied there for your faction. Whoever owns the most territory at the end of the season gets the big victory trophy! Above, we’re simulating a bunch of wins and losses to see how things might progress.

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  1. So we’re playing small board games… inside of a giant board game?

    It’s genius!

  2. It’s something we’re considering and we’ve got a few approaches but haven’t settled on a solution just yet.

  3. We’ve had a lot of meetings on team balance and skill ratings and stuff. Lots of ideas, sure to be tweaked a lot once we get into Early Access.

  4. there are no bonuses for factions. We plan on having rewards though at the end of seasons for both faction winners as well as high ranked players in each faction. If you wish to basically ‘ignore’ the faction meta-game you could and still climb the ranks.

  5. Team Instinct never had a chance either

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