What Up, Players?


Having survived the update deadline crunch, Alex and I are now happily sweeping up bits of awards and polish that weren’t quite ready in time for Gauntlet’s release. A minor update will hit your device this month. A major update will explode your device next month. So start saving up for a new device.

My gift to you:

My personal iTouch wallpaper. If you put this on your iTouch and set it next to mine, I’ll probably be baffled! If you don’t understand why this wallpaper is great, then you didn’t get a 700 combo. If you can’t get a 700 combo, feel free to use a more accessible wallpaper.

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10 responses to “What Up, Players?”

  1. thegamerocks06 says:

    Another major update next month? :O
    I owe you guys a lot more money then I paid for!

  2. Song says:

    “So start saving up for a new device.” LOL! Awesome game plus devs with a sense of humor – thats whats gonna cause the explosion. 🙂

  3. SangC says:

    Please make Tilt to Live go on a sale to one dollar one more time! I really would buy the game for the current price, but my idiot brother bought something in the iTunes store… Thanks for reading.

  4. Kbluejay says:

    After you unlock all the awards the arrow should turn gold, or something like the one above the Awards button.

    I’ve been advertising crazy, getting about 10 people to buy this game. and you guys are sill not in the top 50? damn 🙁

  5. Shizuo says:

    The arrow turns gold when you complete all awards?

    picture please 😀

  6. Kbluejay says:

    A bug. HI I unlocked ALL the awards and it appears that the awards on main menu and the Pocketscore on the profile does not match up. (700 and 740 respectively). Could you explain why? or would you like to admit you guys fucked up? Thanks! 😀

  7. Justin S. says:

    Jeez, why so hostile? xD

    Wow guys, ANOTHER big update plus a small one this month? Christmas in June? ;P

  8. Ranteq says:

    I did unlock the 700x combo. What I did not not unlock was the 1000x combo, because my super mega combo expired at 999 offed dots. Can you believe that? Now I am never gonna find out what the last two combos are because I just seem unable to get over 500x regularly 🙁

    Anyway, that one time genghis provided me with the two most frantic minutes in my live except for that one time when my pants were on fire.

    Thanks again guys! Looking forward to the new update.

  9. Matt says:

    How isn’t this game 1’st on top 25 list

  10. Someone21 says:

    I GOTZA 1337x COMBO!!! H4XORZ!!!