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Space Food Truck, our 1-4 player co-op adventure card game is on sale starting today! If you still haven’t picked up a copy, or were looking for an excuse to pick up a copy for a friend there’s been no better time. At $7.99 this is the lowest price it has ever been on Steam and Humble! The sale runs through July 5th, and if you’re into getting 4-packs, you can now get the 4-pack for just $20.99 as well.

For the folks that like gaming on the go, we’re also running a sale on iOS and Android where you can pick up a copy for $2.99 through July 5th!

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  1. Harti says:

    My game crashes on victory/loss right before the ship starts moving off screen.
    Occasional random crashes despite having closed all other apps.
    Probably jus my device having low RAM and hence not really fixworthy.

    iPad Air 1, iOS 10.3.2

  2. Sft is cool and all but You should try outwitters. :wink:

    They are currently working on a new project called hexgambit. Oml is only 2 people. One is the artist and the other is the programmer. Alex is usually willing to work with people to fix any issues in a game, however the fixes take some time sometimes. It’s really just 1 person trying to work on a new game and keep 5? 6? Games running properly. Alex has the weight of the world on his shoulders. Usually if you need help with bugs or any issues you would probably want to ask Alex, but I’ll throw Adams name in here too just in case.

    Ps: it might help if you listed any exact problems you are having. Is it just lag and crashing? You mentioned bugs but never said specifically what they are. You probably won’t be able to get them to change the 1 minute rejoin timer, people have been asking for a confirm end turn button on outwitters for years. Maybe you will get lucky though.

    Welcome to the forums by the way, you stumbled on to a very special unique community. I’ve never been in such a great community as the one here. The forum users and outwitters players are all mature and nice. You will meet people from every different country in the world if you play outwitters long enough. I’ve made great friends with people from Australia, Italy, china, Brazil, Norway, Netherlands, Russia… the list goes on and on. Anyway, enjoy your stay.


  3. You’re right! I don’t know how I forgot it was just two people, nor am I even fully aware on the games they are supporting currently. I wish I knew the conditions, but it seems other people in steam reviews have narrowed it down better. Sometimes when playing the cards just freeze upwards and the whole game freezes and sometimes the windows around events would go away so you couldn’t press continue to play. There was also an issue with reconnecting after having to leave which fixed some issues sometimes so thats why we kept trying to leave and reconnect quickly since theres only a minute on that reconnect timer. After I had made my post I realized that the game does autosave although I wish it would do it after every turn because I had to replay 7 turns on the save I had. It’s just mostly stuff that crashes the game rather than lag and there are other smaller issues, but the issues aren’t very bad at all when you play the local mode as it is when you play online. (Theres other issues/bugs with the game, but I can’t list them off the top of my head right now… guess I should have written them down exactly because all I can think about is the worse parts that just made the game unplayable as I don’t care about smaller errors much)

    I was very surprised to see like 4.5k+ replies on a post and see these forums being active! It seems really cool and I will be giving the devs other games a shot. It’s pretty amazing what these two people have been able to do just by themselves! I just see that people are now paying more attention to Sft, but the newer reviews aren’t positive and I feel like getting mostly positive out of 80 reviews isn’t hard to flip around :confused: I wish more people would try it! but thanks for the welcome and giving me info :]

    Edit: Outwitters is a mobile game :S and I see has microtransactions… hopefully its not p2w?

  4. i have the samsung galaxy s6 and i go to open the game and the logo for onemanleft is there, the google sign in level circle pops up showing me where I’m at now, and it just stays on the logo. It wont open the game.

    Edit: I tried reinstalling the game to no avail, then I restarted my phone and it now is working!

  5. Awesome!! Hope you enjoy it :slight_smile: after you learn the basics send me an invite if you like. My in game name is the same as my forum name

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