What? Prototype is Evolving!


Hex Gambit: Respawned update: Some unfortunate networking bugs cropped up this month, so we have to get those sorted out before submitting the game to our last launch platform. Creeping ever toward the finish line!

Alex (my old partner) playtested the new Food Truck game this month! That was momentous because he was the lead designer on Space Food Truck, so I was eager to get his thoughts on the new direction. Very constructive, and fun to watch him encounter all the new mechanics for the first time.

I added the proper menu flow this month, from the startup logos to the “Press whatever to start” screen. It’s weird how much more real that makes the thing feel. Like it’s no longer a prototype, but a real game that needs a lot of art.

I also added the ability to rename your food trucking business and choose its logo, so fantasy food truck logo design has become sort of a side gig.

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