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Hex Gambit: Respawned (wishlist it please!) started its life as the local multiplayer resurrection of the original Hex Gambit. Then it got some AI to play against, and a full-on single player campaign, and a porting deal for every major console… It’s already so much more than what I had originally set out to do. And if all that wasn’t enough, here comes online multiplayer with cross-platform play!

This week began the first discussions of what the actual scope of HGR’s online play will look like, and I am EXCITED! This part of the game will be a collaboration between myself and HGR’s publisher, Blowfish Studios.

Nothing is set in stone yet, but here’s a list of some things that seem likely to make it in:

  • Unlockable characters and maps can be earned in either single or multiplayer, so play however you want!
  • Quick Matches with reasonable turn timers to keep things moving.
  • Live in-game tournaments! Details later.
  • Cross-platform friendly matches, just enter your room code. This will pair well with our discord.

It’s looking like all this cool stuff will push the game’s release into 2022, but we’ll be working our butts off to make it worth the wait! Check back for details as things come together.

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