Beta Updates


These are some changelogs for internal Hex Gambit: Respawned builds. Just dumping them here because it’s where I tend to look.


  • Fixed a bug where the Captain’s Gambit Ready animation was playing when Gambits were set to Stock and opponents had a handicap (only supposed to play if set to Comeback)
  • Fixed a bug where Captain’s Gambits were setting two Undo snapshots instead of one, so you had to undo them twice to undo the previous action.


  • Adjusted menus to work better with localized text.
  • Improved 4:3 aspect ratio support.


  • Added internal ‘hide UI’ mode for footage capture. Only works in Cheater builds.


  • Hiding language options for the time being.
  • Slowed down loading screen for the demo by 0.8 seconds so you can read.


  • Demo: Added wishlist nag to the level select
  • Fixed icon on Steam- was the Unreal icon
  • Demo: Added full game nags to the multiplayer setup screens
  • Demo: Updated style of Custom Rules nag
  • Custom Rules: changed Captain’s Gambit options’ display text, changed default to Stock to match Campaign.
  • Demo: Added “only in full game” to Captain Select for locked captains
  • Added Enter as a more widely-supported Confirm input

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