Year of the Return of the Hex


Last New Year I decided it was time to try to get something on to a store, so I could feel like a real game designer again. Now at the start of 2021, I do technically have something on a store!

After Alex left, I took a bit of gamble sticking with game development instead of reverting back to freelance art. Anything I did would’ve been a gamble, really. So I went with the thing I liked the most, and so far things are holding together slightly better than expected. I’m optimistic about where Hex Gambit: Respawned is headed, and I regret nothing.

I’m really proud of how HGR is coming along. You can poke through a whole playlist of its development progress on Youtube. It began the year as a small, local multiplayer-only project. I’ve added new tile types, a new minion class, pretty solid AI, and soon it’ll have a whole flippin’ campaign mode. Content-wise, it’s going to be the biggest thing OML has ever put out.

Being alone is tough, but I get to experiment and indulge my weird ideas and nitpicks. It’s all super daunting if I let myself think too hard, but I’m enjoying it.

It’s looking like I’m on track to get my first solo game out the door in 2021. With a little luck, I’ll get to be a game developer a while longer. Thanks for keeping up with me this year! I wish you luck with whatever adventure you tackle in 2021!

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