v0.1.9 – House Rules!


This is the update I’ve been waiting for: local multiplayer for Hex Gambit: Respawned is pretty much done! I might make some of the maps and captains unlockable through the single player, but what beta testers have in their hands today is pretty much the real deal.

House Rules will be EXCELLENT for spicing up any friendly tournaments you guys might want to host (drop me a line if you want help promoting your tournament). Here’s what you can change about your matches now:

  • Victory Points to Win: 5-20. Your minion stock will automatically increase/decrease with the goal.
  • AP per turn and max AP charge can be tweaked.
  • Undos per turn: reduce them or turn them off.
  • Turn timers! Give players 10s to 1m30s to complete their turns. Challenge yourself with a timer against the AI.
  • Moving and Spawning minion costs can be lowered, or Spawning can cost double if you like.
  • Starting minions can be reduced or turned off to start from scratch.
  • Toggle spaces can be disabled on the maps that use them.

Next up: I’m prototyping for the single player challenges!

What’s new this update:

  • House Rules: Customize all kinds of stuff, play your way!
  • VP to Win goal has been added to the Pause screen.
  • Level select and game setup screen has been jazzed up.
  • Tweaked end turn/undo/spawn menus under the hood, modifying how/when they transition in and out.

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