v0.1.6 – The Laserdome


What’s up! Dropping a quick update for our beta testers today with a new map theme called the Laserdome! No video for now (they’re a bit time consuming to produce, so I’m waiting until I have more to show).

Each of the map themes has a gameplay flavor to it, and this one adds a whole new tile called a Toggle Space. If you were an Outwitters fan, you might know these as Capture Spaces – it’s the same mechanic with a very different movement system! Simply run (or swat, or dash) a minion across the space to claim it.

If your team still owns the toggler at the start of your turn, the map’s laser turret with automatically fire on a random enemy! It deals a reasonable two damage for a modest advantage that’s super satisfying.

I’m jumping straight into the next map now, which will feature more Toggle Spaces that control a different map advantage.

Other changes this update:

  • Lolli now needs 3VP to use his Captain’s Gambit.
  • Units like the Sniper can now shoot through allied units, just like their own.
  • Added legs to the Captains’ victory/defeat portraits
  • Added more rollover tips for special spaces, and changed the way hex snapping/hovering works.
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