v0.1.5 – Enter The Punk


An exciting update to the Hex Gambit: Respawned Demo and Beta today: the eighth and final minion class is here! The Punk is a combat unit that punches well above his weight.

  • His Roll ability lets hims cut through lines of minions, dealing damage to any enemies you can line up, and providing a little extra mobility.
  • Split Strike is the main reason I wanted to squeeze him in before calling the minion roster done. It deals damage equal to half your target’s HP, rounded up. So the bigger they are, the harder it hits!

Other fixes and changes in 0.1.5:

  • Redistributed the minion loadouts for extra variety.
  • Smarter AI is now smarter. Changed the way activate/deactivating minions works under the hood.
  • Overhauled camera system to behave itself.
  • Fixed floating minions on the Battle Hall maps.
  • Grim Drake’s Gambit will no longer target spawning minions.
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