V0.1.4 – New Maps & Springboard Barrier


Just added to the beta: 9 total maps (three 2 player, three 3 player, and 3 four player with 2v2 versions of each!), plus a new tile type to enjoy: springboard barriers. Use them for cover, then hop right over when you’re ready to fight.

Here’s a breakdown of the new map themes:

  • Battle Hall: The vanilla version of Hex Gambit. Lots of open spaces around the pillars for tapping.
  • Courtyard: Crowdsurfing chaos with springboards galore.
  • Forest Ruins: Close quarters maps for the battle-inclined.

Other fixes and changes in 0.1.4:

  • Swapped the Cancel and Accept buttons for controllers!
  • Swapped Violet for Abbacus in the demo (because the cursor starts on him, but he was locked, which was awkward, and it was easier to just switch them than to make the cursors start in different positions for the demo and the main game)
  • Demo’s 4 player/2v2 map is completely new. Its other maps have springboards added.
  • Adjusted Lolli’s AI to be less picky about using his Captain’s Gambit.
  • Bjorgolf’s AI is now more picky about using his Captain’s Gambit .
  • Brute’s AI now takes Inspire into consideration when using Wrecker.
  • Fixed a bug with being able to crowdsurf the ghosts of dead frozen characters.
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