v0.1.3 – Captains’ Gambits


What’s new with the Hex Gambit: Respawned beta this month? 5 new captains to play with, and all 10 Captain’s Gambit powers are working! Your Captain’s Gambit will be familiar for those of you that played the original HG: it’s a power you can use when you’re losing to help you catch up.

Those of you enjoying the demo (see the link above) can also update to try the Gambits for the demo captains.

Here’s a rundown of those powers:

  • Abbacus: Hard Reset – Replace a minion with a fresh copy.
  • Bjorgolf: Cold Make Stop – Freeze an opponent for a turn.
  • Dr. Superior: Alter Fate Itself – Summon 3AP from the celestial void of cheating.
  • Grim Drake: No Mercy – Readies all cooldowns and lets moved units go again.
  • Hexpert: Glitch – Add 3 to any unit’s health, even above their usual max.
  • Lolli: No Backsies – Swap a minion with your enemy.
  • Molera: Immolation – Destroy your own minion and gain 2VP.
  • Penny Miser: Take a Penny – 1 damage to all enemies.
  • Salvador: Protect – Make an ally invincible for a turn.
  • Violet: Smackdown – Reduces any minion to 1HP.

Here’s what else is new:

  • Option of choosing No Captain with random loadout.
  • Pacifist’s Pacify now costs 0.
  • Fixed a bug with dying minions being crowdsurfable
  • Fixed some bugs with AI targeting/move use
  • Fixed a bug to let you undo a Player KO (when you kill all their minions and cover the spawn).
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