Hex Gambit is out on Steam today!


Around the start of 2017, Alex and I set out to make Hex Gambit, the culmination of all of our post-Outwitters turn-based strategy experiments. Almost 2 years and a Kickstarter campaign later, what a beast this thing has become!

It’s got 2v2, 21 team combinations, a huge territory control game for the league, a single player mode with AI, trophies and ranks to earn for your profile, and it’s playable in four languages. And when the dust settles on today’s launch, we’ll be optimizing it for our first console release on the Nintendo Switch™! If you want a reminder email when the Switch version is ready, sign up right here.

Whether you’ve been an owner since Early Access or you’re just picking up your copy today, the inaugural season of the Apex Cup has begun! Come join a faction, meet some other players on discord, and leave your mark on the Summit in our most ambitious project yet.

Here’s a list of fixes in today’s Launch Update:

  • Fixed bug with Flametraps causing selection of units to stop working after triggering it.
  • Flametraps no longer trigger if a friendly unit is on top of their own flametrap.
  • Flametraps no longer cause a crash when trying to surf through a flametrap.
  • Fixed some localization errors.
  • Fixed a few animation bugs with minion deaths on lower end hardware.
  • Fixed several bugs in tutorials where players could get stuck.
  • Replays and in-game UI handle crowd surfing animations better.
  • Fixed UI and AI bug showing incorrect ability status.
  • Fixed a few visual bugs involving AI doing a sequence of moves.
  • Fixed bug with looping spawn audio.
  • Fixed bug with looping blizzard audio.
  • Added more SFX.
  • All Captains now available in Blitz Royale only.
  • Updated visual FX for Flamespaces and shout.
  • Fixed tutorial animations stopping mid-dialogue.
  • Update minion and captain ability in-game text to reflect latest balance changes.

We’ve got plenty of stuff we wish to add in the coming weeks, and as players pile into the Apex Cup we’ll be monitoring any issues on the hub or our discord.

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