Finishing Touches


We’re just 2 days away from PC launch of Hex Gambit, and we’re still working hard to squeeze in as many finishing touches and bug fixes as possible! Here’s a fresh batch of polish for you.


  • New Apex Summit scenery and faction victory cinematics!
  • New Blitz Royale Completion screen
  • Updated Captain selection screen


  • Added better support for offline mode
  • There is now a soft cap of 30 games per account simultaneously
  • Brutes can no longer toss characters into a crowdsurf.


  • Fixed a bug where hypnotizing a runner would damage them upon movement.
  • Fixed a crashing bug with Motivator AI in Blitz Royale
  • Fixed a bug with Runner’s Hard Surf not unlocking at correct VP on servers.
  • Fixed ranking bug where the profile screen always showed ‘contender’
  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to delay game timeouts indefinitely.
  • Fixed an occasional crashing bug in the placement phase
  • Fixed an AI bug where some Captains would attempt to target recently spawned units
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