Quality of Life Update


We’re closing in on launch day, but we’re still not done improving the game! We’re trying to squeeze in as much polish as we can in the coming days, as well as get to the bugs and usability requests that have been lingering on our to-dos for far too long. Hex Gambit launches on Steam October 15th, so tell your friends and get ready for the first real season of Apex Cup! Be sure to drop by our Discord servers¬†and network with other players.


  • Integrated¬†the pillar tapping UI into your action bar. The in-game iconography is now a 3D icon that doesn’t obstruct your other action buttons.
  • Pathfinding has been re-worked from the ground up. Resolves a lot of edge cases where runners and other units would take longer routes rather than favoring crowdsurfing.
  • As a result of new pathfinding, movement highlights now show every space you can move to rather than just your range +1 crowd surf.


  • You can now deselect units by clicking anywhere (!)
  • Updated Stadium Visuals


  • Inspire Visualizations now correctly remove themselves in replays
  • Fixed Match History not remembering dismissed games.
  • Intimidate Visuals now disappear correctly if you’ve targeted multiple enemies.
  • Doubletime passive ability now becomes active mid-turn for Brutes if you cross the required VP threshold
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