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I need to get back in the groove of updating this feed. It’s so tempting to just lock ourselves in a bunker and work! We’ve been busy assembling an interactive tutorial for Hex Gambit and prepping for the next big thing we’ve never done before: localization! We plan to have the game translated into Spanish, French, Russian, and German to help grow our footprint on launch day. The target keeps moving around for when that might be, but the Steam release will come first, and we’re aiming to be on the Nintendo Switch™ in Q1 2019.

We should have a firm date for the Steam launch in the next month or so, but you can always join Early Access if you want to save 10% on our launch price and take a peek at what we’ve got so far.

You’ll never guess what I’m working on today… but if you guessed I’m taking another pass on the stadium artwork, +1 cookie for you. I think this is like my fourth iteration. My goal is to liven things up, make it feel a little sportier, and make the “jumbotron” area a bit more impressive. Here’s the progress so far (the pillars and the big screen look pretty wonky when you don’t feed them a state to be in). Bigger differences are coming next.

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