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For those of you who’ve wished for a way to play Hex Gambit while waiting for your turns to come back, the Blitz Royale has arrived! This single player survival challenge was devised by Abbacus himself, and consists of 6 battles using one, persistent army.

You’ll choose a loadout like usual and receive a certain number of reinforcements per unit, doled out to you randomly before each battle in the blitz. Every minion you lose is gone for good, so tread carefully! In all, you’ll get a little more than 2 standard matches’ worth of minions to survive. Here’s a rundown of our three difficulties:

Easy: You’ll get an extra AP every turn, and start each match with a full Captain charge. You’ll benefit from a bonus that helps you recharge your Captain’s Ult faster, and your opponents won’t trigger their Ults as often.

Normal: You’ll get the same AP as your opponents, and start each match with an empty Captain’s charge. You’ll also receive a bonus charge to help you fill your Captain’s Ult faster.

Hard: Your enemy gets an extra AP each turn, and will trigger their Captain’s Ult more frequently. You gain no special charge bonuses for your Captain.

Please send your bug reports and feedback for the new mode to

I’ve updated our Early Access Manual with all the current minion stats and this Blitz Royale info. Our next feature will be an interactive tutorial, so you won’t have to dig through that pdf much longer!

New This Update:

  • The Blitz Royale single player challenge is now available!
  • Improved audio for minions, added vocals
  • Improved audio for UI
  • Improved character select artwork for minions

Stat Changes:

  • Pacifist now moves 2 spaces (up from 1)
  • Thresholds for captain ultimates have changed:

    Salvador: 6
    Lolli: 5
    Molera: 5
    Abbacus: 5
    Penny: 4 (2 triggers are now possible)
    Bjorgolf: 4


  • A bug with the crowdsurfing animation was fixed
  • Fixed FX for Salvador’s Protect

Known Issue:

  • The totals in the Blitz Royale’s reinforcement screen are off vs. the actual spawn menu.

Check back weekly for more progress on our upcoming turn-based strategy game, Hex Gambit. Buy a copy today to save 10% on our $14.99 launch price, then give us some feedback to help shape the final product! If you haven’t already, be sure to sign up for our mailing list to get an email reminder for the official release on PC later this year.

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