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The time has come! Everyone can get their hands on our new turn-based strategy game, Hex Gambit, RIGHT NOW on Steam. The very first league season of our beta is just getting started, so choose a faction and make your mark in a community-wide turf war, the Apex Cup. Anyone looking to mingle with other hexagonal strategists should look no further than the Hex Gambit discord server, where our veteran testers have been hanging out since the early days of the alpha version.

There are two great reasons to dive in during this beta: you’ll get 10% off the launch price for helping us test (snag a second copy at 20% off with the 2 Pack available here), and your feedback (sent to contact at will influence what kind of changes are made as we bring the remaining features online for launch.

What you can play today:

  • Test your mettle in 1v1, or join a friend for 2v2 co-op
  • Six unlockable captains
  • Choose a faction and fight for territory in the Apex Cup
  • Transition seamlessly between real-time and asynchronous play online

Features we’ll add in the coming months:

  • Two new minions: the Sniper and Pacifist
  • Select a captain and five minion classes to craft a personal playstyle. Tons of ways to combine moves and characters!
  • Have a game night with couch multiplayer
  • Tackle our single player challenge mode: the Blitz Royale

See you in the arena!

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